SKT T1 Wolf: "What matters the most now is the post-season"

On March 18th (KST), SKT T1 defeated bbq Olivers 2-0 in the second matchup of Day 34 LCK Spring Split 2017, held at Sangam eStadium. Notably, Jaewan “Wolf” Lee played a pivotal role for the team by perfectly covering for Bang. Wolf added that what matters the most now is the post-season and promised to keep up the good performance in the future.


Below is the post-match press interview with Wolf.



How does it feel to solidify your first place in the season after defeating bbq Olivers?

Game 1 was a little shaky. I feel pretty bad about making a mistake at Baron. Even though I kept a close watch on Malzahar, he was faster than I thought. Game 2 turned out to be much better as there weren’t any major mistakes.


Continuing the 9-win streak, you have two more wins to go until the playoff finals. Are you excited?

My mind is only on not making mistakes and preparing for one match after another.


When you were up against a corner in Game 1, were you ever anxious? What’s the voice comm like during teamfights?

Assessing the situation is the most important. Then we look at comps. Despite starting off at a disadvantage early, I thought we had more than enough chances if we take the game to later stages when our comp shines. So, we talked about how we should be extra careful in responding to the situations.


You’ve been favoring Rumble-Lee Sin-Talon-Ashe comp in recent games. What are the strengths of this comp?

Having a dominance in lanes in the utmost strength. Talon tends to fall short in that regard, but prominent bot and top lanes can make up for his deficiency.


Looking back a couple years back, SKT has been historically rather uninspiring in spring seasons. Why do you think the team’s doing phenomenally in this spring? Are there any changes due to the good showings?

There are some bent rules thanks to the team’s playing well. I don’t think it’s a big deal because we practice and scrim every day as usual. If we weren’t doing as well, we would’ve practiced harder. That said, our practice sessions are going well enough.


How do you feel about the next patch that will have a huge impact on the bot lane?

I heard Lucian is getting a buff, but I’m not sure it’ll have that much significance.


Do you adapt your drafting strategy depending on the opposing teams?

We don’t change our drafting strategy based on the teams we face because we believe we’ll have good results as long as we do our parts.


Is it true that you’re more eager to be named MVP than to get a victory?

I guess I may have said those things while I was trying to spice up my bit. It goes without saying that a victory is more important than being named MVP. However, today’s Game 1 went too far. [laughs]


Anything else you’d like to say?

Our form is up to par, and we’re in the first place. That said, what matters the most now is the post-season. I’ll continue to push myself to reap good results in the first round. I hope you can have fun watching our games without too many worries. As always, a huge thanks to the fans who cheer us on.

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