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MVP MaHa: "We'll punish kt rather than taking initiatives"


On March 18th (KST), MVP narrowly defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-1 in the first matchup of Day 34 LCK Spring Split 2017, held at Sangam eStadium. As the team’s ADC, Hyunsik “MaHa” Oh paved ways to the victory with his solid performance, expressing a strong will to gift the fans good plays.


Below is the post-match press interview with MaHa.



How does it feel to get a win against Jin Air Green Wings?

We went the full series today as we did against them in the last match. I did get nervous in these long matches, but I was confident that we had more focus in the late game. It feels good to win although we expected to.


Did you anticipate the opponent letting Varus slip past draft in Game 1?

There were quite a few teams that didn’t draft Varus in scrims. Fortunately, we won most matches when we took Varus in those sessions. That’s why we thought he was a very strong pick. I guess the opponent didn’t feel the same.


In Game 2, why do you think you struggled in the bot lane after drafting Ashe-Malzahar comp?

First off, there was our blunder in the drafting phase. Looking at the toplane matchup, mid and jungle skirmishes should have gone more or less even until level 6, which it didn’t. That’s why the bot lane was under so much pressure. I think that’s the root cause of the defeat.


Why did you take both Elise and Lee Sin in Game 3?

We made a mistake in drafting phase of Game 3. To get a lane dominance, we ended up taking too many AP-oriented champions in our comp. So, we tried to compensate that by changing up the comp, and Lee Sin is the one we chose to supplement the much-needed AD presence.


You’ve been praised for being an ADC player with a shotcalling capability. Are you sad at all that Max and Beyond are the ones who take those kinds of compliments these days?

I used to take the brunt of shotcalling duty, but Max takes the initiatives these days while other teammates follow him, which gives me more time to focus on my own plays. It’s a good thing, but I somewhat miss my old role.


How will you prepare against kt Rolster?

We may draft a heavy engagement comp. To do so, we have to be better in terms of macro plays or laning. It looks to me that a responsive comp will work better for us. I think we can hold our own if we continue to punish the enemy’s mistakes with a calm mind.


Anything else you’d like to say?

For a team that went through the promotion last season, we got a decent standing, and I think we can get a good record this season as well. There are still some kinks we need to work on, and we’ll try to address those issues to give you even better showings.


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