GEN Bdd: "I was confident in getting priority in lane for a long time, so being more conscious about it made me play better."

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Without a doubt, the protagonist of the series between T1 vs Gen.G was Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong. Being named Player of the Game (POG) for all three sets, he put on a performance that was damn near perfect. While the laning phase between two mages in all three games was uneventful to say the least, he was the one that shut out the main carries of T1 in all the teamfights. He definitely knew what the recipe was to beat their long-standing rivals, and looks to prove himself once again in the grand finals, against DWG KIA.


The following is the post-match interview with Bdd.

Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel?


I expected a much tougher series tonight, but the victory was a lot cleaner than I expected. I’m very happy, and I want to thank all my teammates for playing well tonight.


Game 1 victories hold more meaning in a Bo5. How’d you prepare for this series?


We focused on perfecting our team composition synergy, even if we had less priority than we’d like to. We believed that T1’s game pace is quite slow, so we tried to focus more on our teamfights.


What’s your take on the current competitive meta overall?


I think having priority is very important right now. We tried to draft team comps that eventually outscale, while not conceding too much priority to T1 in the early stages of the game.


Gen.G looked like a completely new team tonight. What are some of the things that the team worked on in preparations for the playoffs?


Not only did we feel that we had pretty weak drafts, there were many instances where we lost advantages to our own mistakes. We worked on those mistakes, and I feel that’s why we were able to put on a good performance tonight.


What about yourself? What are some of the things you worked on to improve on an individual level?


Before, I was too selfless in getting advantages for my team, so there were many times when I fell behind. The coaching staff continuously told me to play more for myself. What this meant was to focus more on my laning phase. I was confident in getting priority in lane for a long time, so being more conscious about it made me play better. 


People have criticized your champion pool, which was smaller in comparison to the other top mid laners of the LCK.


I also think a lot about this a lot. I try to find the right champions that fit our team’s playstyle. I feel that I found the right meta champions, and proved that tonight.


Over the years, I noticed that your playstyle changed with every team that you were on.


I tried to figure out what’s the best for the meta and for the team, and adjust my playstyle accordingly. Kingzone was all about getting early leads and snowballing, so I adjusted my own playstyle in grouping with the team. When I was on KT, I felt the pressure in making plays, while right now, all of our laners play very well in lane, so we try to capitalize on the advantages that we gain from lane.


Historically speaking, many people have said that Gen.G played very hastily against T1. How has the team changed from the past to tonight?


There were many scenarios against T1 up until the end of the regular split, but we remembered beating them by playing slow. We also figured out how to win by playing things slower during recent practice.


How do you predict the series against DWG KIA in the finals?


I personally think that our laners won’t lose to them in lane. As long as we don’t make major blunders, we have a great shot at winning. We’ll prepare thoroughly for it.


Lastly, do you want to say something to your fans?


I’m sad that the finals are online, but I want to win it and make our fans smile.

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