Top 5 ultimate PC gamer accessories for serious gamers

So you think you're a PC gamer?

Let's get one thing straight: you aren't a real gamer unless you have the gear to prove it. Top-tier PC gaming accessories and hardware provide pro-gamers the edge they need to compete at the highest level, something 99% of gamers know nothing about.

Look around your gaming PC and for once just be honest with yourself.  Your gear is trash and you should feel bad about it — that's ok! It's time to throw your RGB paperweights out the window and wheel that tired "gamer chair" to the nearest dumpster immediately. 

Buckle up and pay attention: Inven Culture's top 5 ultimate PC gaming accessories starts now.

#1. Indestructible house chair of unknown origin

The LAN party staple

A cedar chair that has been in your possession for as long as you remember. It was once part of a four-piece set but now survives alone, battle-hardened and determined. You can sit on it, sleep on it, stand on it, eat off it, and even use it as a weapon in a pinch.

But, importantly, you can and will game in it. With no armrests or neck support in sight, the house chair ensures you are hunched over and tense for maximum in-game focus.

#2. Grimy silica gel wrist support thing

It is sticky and that isn't going to ever change

Gamers need to take care of their wrists and hands every day to reduce ligament strain and joint pressure associated with long hours of PC activity. Health professionals encourage gamers to periodically take breaks and incorporate easy-to-learn hand and finger stretches between games.

But health professionals aren't pro gamers so you shouldn't listen to them. Instead, purchase any silica gel wrist support product and use it for as long as physically possible. Once it inevitably starts to leak, the silica gel acts as a wrist adhesive locking your gamer hands in place for maximum key-stroke precision. 

#3. The mouse that came with Windows 95

You can take out the trackball and play with it. Checkmate, laser mouse

Clack! ..... Clack! ........Clack!

That's the sound of high-octane precision that only 300 DPI of original trackball can provide. Check out the list of features on this beast:

  • Scroll wheel
  • 2 buttons

As an added bonus, gamers can Improve arm and wrist strength every time they have to lift the mouse and slam it down again. A must-have piece of grade-a gamer swag.

#4. Nearest flat object to use as a mousepad

The traveling gamer's specialty 

Take a deep breath and use your keen gamer senses to locate the nearest flat object that isn't an actual mouse pad. This ancient art has been used for decades by PC gamers all over the world and its usefulness can not be understated.

Whether it's a notebook, the box your graphics card came in, or the back of a paper plate, certain surfaces have just the right amount of drag-to-slide ratio that will give you the ultimate level of in-game precision. 


#5. Free library or airplane headphones 

No bass, no problem!

The only device that gives the crisp, treble-heavy sound quality that gamers love. Thanks to having virtually zero bass support, these lightweight headphones give you a serious edge when listening to the shrieking shot calls of your 13-year-old teammates.

In addition, these headphones strategically lack any noise-cancellation features, allowing gamers to hear every word of their LAN opponent's shot-calls or receive coaching in the middle of a match from anyone without talking distance.

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