Twitch Streamer SmashGodxXx accused of striking girlfriend on stream

Source: SmashGodxXx

Twitch streamer SmashGodxXx is facing calls for accountability from the online live streaming community after he appeared to strike his girlfriend off-camera during a live stream. While the official clips are no longer available on his channel, a recording of the incident was uploaded to the site Streamable.


In the clip, the streamer requests that his girlfriend leave the room so he can "talk to chat, without [her] here". When she doesn't immediately comply with his request the streamer appears to get agitated and demands that she bring him his beer. She gets upset at that suggestion, saying "I am not fucking your maid, okay?" After her response, he turned the camera away from the room, and then what follows appears to be the sound of a thud and then the sound of an audible slap.


After the incident, he confirmed that he had struck her to the stream chat, though he also attempted to downplay what happened and repeatedly accused the stream of lying and overexaggerating the significance of the event.


"It wasn't even a slap, bro. It was literally just like a... slash," The SmashGodxXx said on stream, with his girlfriend sitting next to him crying. "She's finally realizing how much drama she can cause by a little thing like us 'playing around' like that. Jane's crying, but that's not going to help something or do something."


Later on in the stream, he attempted to hug his girlfriend, who pulled away from his embrace while crying, after which he once again blamed the stream audience for her emotional distress.


At the end of the 16-minute clip, SmashGodxXx's sister arrived and removed the camera from the room. Muffled shouting, screaming, and the slamming of doors can then be heard in the background after she moves the camera to her own room where she eventually ended the stream.


There have been calls on Reddit and in other spaces around the internet for the incident to be investigated by Twitch and the streamer to be properly punished for his violent outburst.  The streamer took to his Discord on Wednesday to encourage his followers to "downvost that shit" on Reddit.


Source: Imgur


We will keep this story updated as new information becomes available. 

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