[LEC Spring Playoffs] Rekkles secures 500th career EU post-season kill

Source: G2 Esports


G2 Esports AD Carry Martin "Rekkles" Larsson has added another accomplishment to his already decorated career. In game 2 of G2's series against FC Schalke 04 Esports in the 2021 League of Legends European Championship Spring Playoffs, Rekkles secured his 500th career kill in the EU post-season on his way to a phenomenal 14/2/6 Ashe performance. 


Rekkles has plenty of experience on Ashe, but had yet to play her on G2 Esports. However, FC Schalke 04 threw five bans at Rekkles in the draft phase of game 2, so the Frost Archer made an appearance for Rekkles for the first time since Fnatic's run in the 2020 World Championship. 



G2 Esports won the first game in a relatively clinical fashion, but the bloody game 2 allowed Rekkles to rack up double-digit kills in under 30 minutes with ease despite being forced onto a sixth champion. Schalke fought valiantly, taking every opportunity it could to remain in the game and getting many kills while doing so, but every time punches were thrown, G2 was slowly climbing ahead in gold due to superior objective control and map pressure.


Rekkles has never missed a single post-season in the LEC, including when it was the EU LCS, and more often than not, his teams finish in the top 3 or higher. In addition, the majority of rosters Rekkles has been a part of have found themselves playing around the veteran AD carry, which not only brings the action to Rekkles, but also sets him up for statistical success. Rekkles has crossed the 500 kill threshold in 445 post-season games on the European continent. 


The series against FC Schalke 04 Esports isn't even over yet, so Rekkles hasn't even finished taking his first step towards his 5th domestic title. However, in his first post-season appearance with G2 Esports, he's already reached another milestone in an incredible career that has spawned nearly a decade. 

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