Moments from Blood and Wine in The Witcher when you feel worse than ever

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WARNING! This article contains spoilers for The Witcher: Blood and Wine. 


CDPR hurt at the heartstrings of gamers.

The creators of the "The Witcher 3" storyline did a great job on the story - it always evokes strong emotions. And the Blood and Wine add-on is also full of heart-stirring moments.


1. When you have to fight a Shaelmaar to save Guillaume

The Shaelmaar that Guillaume fights is specially bred for tournament fights. He is put on iron to make it harder for him to navigate by ear, but at one point those chains come off and Guillaume finds himself in danger. Shaelmaar isn't the most dangerous of opponents, but it's a long fight because the monster's thick hide can't feel the strokes of a witch's sword. Just think - he (and the witch and Palmerin, too) could die for the sake of showing off for the girl.



2. When it turns out that Dettlaff 's lover and Syanna are the same person

At this point, you realize that you'll have to choose between your best friend's friend and the customer - and it's unclear which option is worse. Geralt is always put before the most unobvious choices, and here, too, something will have to be sacrificed. I wish there was a "give up the money and go to bed with the sorceress" option for those who don't want to get involved in someone else's relationship.



3. When Regis gets kicked out of Toussaint.

For those who liked Regis in the books, there is no good ending in "Blood and Wine." In order for the princess and her sister to survive, Regis's best friend, Dettlaff, must be killed. But if you kill him, the vampires will fly in at the end of the game and call our comrade a traitor because he helped with the murder. The ending, in which Regis stays, just isn't there - even if you let Dettlaff take out Syanna, the vampire will leave. Too bad.


4. When both sisters die.

The worst ending for everyone is when Anna Henrietta and Syanna die. This is only possible with a forceful passage of the quest. In the final scenes, the schemer will kill her sister with a hairpin and get herself bolted in the neck by Damien. The population will be in mourning, and the witch will be disliked more than usual - because he's the one who let the tragedy happen.


5. When you have to lie to a girl because her boyfriend is afraid of the wedding

Jacquette hires a witch to find out how her missing lover is doing. Knight François has sworn to bring Grottore 's head - such is his feat for the beautiful lady. But when the task is completed it will turn out that he is simply afraid to marry, and even killing Grottore together will not move him toward marriage. Jacquette will have to lie not to be upset - to say that the knight has gone in search of a striped horse (i.e. a zebra) from  Zerrikania. In any case, the witch will have to listen to the complaints of the offended and deceived girl.


6. When the peasants of the Bricklayers' settlement are hanged by bandits

The supplement "Blood and Wine" begins in the masons' settlement. It is often attacked by bandits, and the knights and the witch doctor offer their help to the villagers - but they refuse. If they stop paying the bandits, they will hang them. You can look into the settlement after this quest and see corpses dangling from ropes in the center of the village.


7. When only Jaskier arrives at the end.

The Bard is Geralt's eternal companion. But when only he arrives in Corvo Bianco, it gets sad - it means the daughter is gone (probably dead) and the wizards haven't come to bask in the sun. The manor is not small, and there is definitely enough room for new guests - maybe even  Regis or Zoltan.


8. When you (accidentally!) kill Thumbelina in fairy tale land

While exploring the Land of a Thousand Fairy Tales in Syanna's company, you might stumble upon Thumbelina. She is, as in the fairy tale, quite small in stature - it's best to look at her from a distance because you might accidentally crush her. If you do, you'll hear Syanna's comment: "Thumbelina" was her favorite fairy tale because it's not about a princess.


9. When you find out what Professor Moreau was doing to his own son

On side quests, Geralt enters the abandoned laboratory of Professor Tomas Moreau and discovers his family history. Once upon a time, he was rescued by a witch - and Moreau gave him his son Jerome by right of surprise. Later, he realized what he had done and began looking for a way to reverse his son's mutation. During his experiments, it turned out that he had only improved his son's mutations. Jerome died after all, and the professor curtailed his experiments. The professor ruined not only his son and himself - in the last entry, Geralt finds out that he's going back to his wife and hopes she'll forgive him. How naive!


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