DWG KIA releases an official statement regarding ShowMaker's wrist pain

On Mar. 20th, DWG KIA released a statement regarding the health of their mid laner, Heo “ShowMaker” Su. 


In his most recent stream, ShowMaker revealed that he’s suffering from significant pain on his arm, stating that his arms have been "Shaking to the point where it’s affecting the accuracy of my in-game skillshots." Hearing this news, ShowMaker and DWG KIA went to the hospital this morning for diagnosis.


DWG KIA commented, “We’ve confirmed that ShowMaker started to suffer from these symptoms since a few days ago, so we checked in to a general hospital for basic check-up and physiotherapy. Furthermore, in order to get more accurate treatment for our player’s symptoms, we’ve booked an appointment for further check-up in the coming week.”


“We’re aware that a lot of fans are worried about his health, and we promise that DWG KIA will put ShowMaker’s recovery at our utmost priority. Thank you for all the support.”

DWG KIA's official statement regarding ShowMaker via their official Facebook page

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