Legends of Runeterra community expresses frustration over Twisted Fate, balance cadence

▲ Playing Twisted Fate is equivalent to holding pocket aces. Image via Riot Games


A little more than two weeks after the most recent Legends of Runeterra expansion, Empires of the Ascended, went live, players began flocking to the game's official subReddit to express their displeasure with a card that predates it.


Twisted Fate, the champion card featured in the Bilgewater region, has risen among the ranks of competitive decks since last year and is doing so again as the top dog during a time when players should be experimenting with new content. That's not to say they aren't, they're just losing a lot with it.


On Wednesday afternoon, a player shared a post on the game's official subReddit and asked the game's development for some action. It was met with thousands of upvotes.


Titled "Riot really needs to reconsider their balance change schedule," this individual felt that cards such as Twisted Fate (and to a lesser extent Fizz) are too strong and oppressive that Shurima decks are struggling to see competitive play. With balance updates coming less frequently than in previous times within the game's history, players feel forced to eitheir play the dominant deck or continue to get beat by it due to its' strength.



According to Mobalytics, a data aggregation site, the combination of Twisted Fate and Fizz are featured in numerous Tier 1 decks that carry winrates in the mid to high-50 percentiles. Another user posted a video on the subReddit on Thursday morning showing a list of the top players on the Master's leaderboard and seven of the top eight were piloting Twisted Fates/Fizz decks. 


While having a clear "most powerful deck in the game" isn't a problem, players are growing increasingly frustrated due to the fact that Twisted Fate has been powerful for quite some time and the combination of him and Fizz together have caused Shurima's thematic build-around card, the Sun Disc, to see little to no play competitively.


Members of the Legends of Runeterra development team responded to player feedback on Twitter Wednesday evening saying that they appreciate the feedback and will look into the matter.

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