[Guide] Every crafting recipe in Fortnite Season 6

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite Season 6 features a new crafting system with number of different recipes that players can use to turn makeshift weapons and various ingredients into more powerful tools of destruction. While there are currently only a few recipes that have been discovered in the game, Epic will likely release more recipes throughout Season 6.


Here is a Fortnite cookbook containing every recipe that is currently known in Fortnite Season 6.


Fortnite Bow Recipes

Source: Epic Games

The primal bow has the most recipes currently, with a total of six variants.


Primal Bow - Makeshift Bow and four Animal Bones

Primal Flame Bow - Primal Bow and one Firefly Jar or one Gas Can

Primal Stink Bow - Primal Bow and one Stink Sac or three Stink Fish 

Mechanical Bow - Makeshift Bow and four Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Explosive Bow - Mechanical Bow and six Grenades

Mechanical Shockwave Bow - Mechanical Bow and two Shockwave Grenades


Fortnite Rifle Recipes


Primal Rifle - Makeshift Rifle and four Animal Bones

Assault Rifle - Makeshift Rifle and four Mechanical Parts 



Fortnite Shotgun Recipes

Source: Epic Games


Primal Shotgun - Makeshift Shotgun and four Animal Bones

Pump Shotgun - Makeshift Shotgun and four Mechanical Parts


Fortnite SMG Recipes


Primal SMG - Makeshift SMG and four Animal Bones

SMG - Makeshift SMG and four Mechanical Parts


Fortnite Revolver Recipes


Primal Revolver - Makeshift Revolver and four Animal Bones

Revolver - Makeshift Revolve and four mechanical parts


Fortnite Hunter's Cloak Recipe

The Hunter's Cloak is a new item in Season 6 that prevents animals from attacking you for a brief duration. With so many animals in the game now, they are a legitimate threat that this cloak helps mitigate.


Hunter's Cloak - two Animal Bones and one Meat 


Find a full overview to Fortnite Season 6's new crafting system here.


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