[Guide] How to craft weapons in Fortnite Season 6

Source: Epic Games

Epic introduced an entirely new crafting system into Fortnite Battle Season 6, to go with the new primal season theme. The new crafting system replaced the former weapon upgrade systems featured in Season 5 and other previous seasons. Using the crafting system, players are able to collect materials and upgrade their weapons directly, instead of only relying on finding rare versions of weapons.


Players will also be able to choose their path between primal and mechanical weapons, as they look to transform makeshift weapons into elite power weapons over the course of a BR match. Here is the run-down on how crafting and upgrading weapons works in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6!


How Fortnite's new crafting system works

Collect ingredients

The first part of Fortnite's new crafting system is collecting materials. You can acquire crafting ingredients by hunting the animals that are now featured throughout the Fortnite map, destroying vehicles, eliminating other players, foraging in the forest, and a plethora of other ways.


Depending on what you are looking to craft, you will need different types of materials.  Organic matter and animal bones will let you create and upgrade primal weapons, while mechanical parts will let you create and upgrade mechanical Fortnite weapons that resemble the classic weapons seen in previous seasons.


In order to create any kind of weapon, you will need to collect various makeshift weapons that will serve as a base ingredient for creating upgraded and crafted weaponry.


Craft different variants of the Fortnite weapons

Using new crafting menu, players are able to craft and modify their weapons in a variety of ways. The crafting menu tells players when they have the ingredients to craft or upgrade a weapon. If the player doesn't have the ingredients to craft or upgrade a weapon, the menu will tell them which ingredients you need to make that craft or upgrade possible.


When crafting a new weapon, players will have to choose between crafting a primal or mechanical weapon.


Primal weapons are new in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. This type of weapon deals increased levels of damage and bears a beefier look than traditional Fortnite guns. To craft a primal weapon, you will need to find a makeshift weapon of some type and then combine it with animal bones in your crafting menu. Different types of weapons will require a different number of animal bones to create a primal weapon.


You can also craft mechanical weapons in Fortnite, which are modeled on the weapons that were featured in past seasons of Fortnite. These weapons are more accurate and precise than primal weapons, but will also deal less damage. You craft these weapons by combining a makeshift weapon with the mechanical parts that you can get from harvesting machines around the map.


Some crafting recipes also let you combine different weapons together to create entirely new configurations. Examples of these unique combined weapons include:


  • Mechanical Explosive Bow - created using a mechanical bow and six grenades.
  • Mechanical shockwave weapons - created by combining any mechanical weapon with two Shockwave Grenades.
  • Primal Flame Bow - created by combining an upgraded primal bow with gasoline and fireflies.
  • Stink Bomb Bow - created by combining an upgrade primal bow with stink bombs or stink sacks.


Currently, only a handful of crafting recipes are available for use in Fortnite Season 6. We can expect Epic to continue to add new crafting recipes as Season 6 continues.


Upgrade your favorite weapons throughout the match

You can also use the crafting menu to upgrade your weapon's rarity level, or even switch a weapon between its primal and mechanical variants if you have the right crafting materials. This means that you can choose your path between primal and mechanical, and you can choose which weapons you turn into rarer variants, all by collecting, crafting, and upgrading in Fortnite Season 6.


Find our full list of crafting recipes in Fortnite Season 6 here.


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