Which wonder weapons should you use in Warzone's Outbreak mode

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When starting a new game of Warzone Outbreak, everyone’s goal is to get a wonder weapon as early as possible. The three wonder weapons you can get as of now are D.I.E, RAI K-84, and the Ray gun.


This guide describes the easiest way to get each one and what round they will start being common drops while also describing the best wonder weapon to use depending on the number of players.


TL;DR — Wonder weapons in Warzone Outbreak

D.I.E Shockwave
  • Low ammo
  • Very little damage on elites
  • Good for wave clear
  • Falls off late game
RAI K-84
  • Explosion deals tons of damage
  • Takes too long to trigger explosion
  • Weak compared to Ray Gun
Ray Gun
  • Does the most damage
  • Viable even in the late game
  • Very hard to get in the early gam,e


D.I.E Shockwave

The D.I.E Shockwave is effective at clearing out large groups of zombies instantly, which is incredibly useful for situations where you are cornered with no escape.


I would recommend using the D.I.E Shockwave as a secondary weapon up to round 10-15 if you are playing solo or duo. The reason for this is because it stops killing zombies after round 10 and the knockback is not worth it, because you need damage (especially in holdout rooms where you will need two heavy damage weapons). If you’re playing trios or duos, then one of you should have the D.I.E Shockwave since the knockback can still help your teammates from the zombies when they get stuck in corners or when someone is reviving.


The D.I.E Shockwave is the only wonder weapon as of now that can’t pack a punch and where you aren’t allowed to get the ammo mods for it like in the Die Machine map. Another huge issue with this gun is the ammo: it runs dry after 4-5 shots and unlike other guns, picking up ammo does not refill it. The only way to refill its ammo is by clicking the aim button and sucking zombies in, which can be almost impossible in late rounds since it does very little damage.


How to unlock the D.I.E Shockwave in Outbreak

The best way to get the D.I.E Shockwave is by doing trials, which can be done when you first go through the portal. The best one you can get is the  “take damage and recover health,” where you can make five stims and let a zombie hit you until you are left with only one hp thus allowing you to stim up. From my experience, I have gotten the legendary 5 within the time limit given, showing that it is one of the least time-consuming trials to get legendary on.


Other missions you want to look out for are getting crouch kills, hip fire kills and equipment kills. From my experience, the D.I.E Shockwave drops a lot from the trial missions if you get legendary, which is not the case with the RAI or the Ray Gun.


Before accepting the reward, make sure that you have all your perks or else there is a chance the legendary reward will be a perk. Again, this is not a guaranteed drop but from my tests, I find that it’s the easiest way to obtain it.



RAI K-84

The RAI K-84 has two alternative modes: one is the normal assault rifle and the second one shoots a spinning disk that you can manually blow up for a lot of damage. Keep in mind that while the explosion is massive in damage, it takes a while the charge up, whereas the regular shots quicker but weaker.


RAI K-84 is good to have if you are doing trios or quads, but other than that I would not suggest grabbing it: your shotgun will cause more damage when fully maxed and with ammo mods. The main issue with the RAI K is that it’s hard to create an explosion in Outbreak since the map is so big and there are zombies spawning everywhere.


When it comes to holdout, it is hard to use since the area is so small and there are too many zombies. You usually won’t be able to get the explosion off due to zombies being everywhere and sprinting at you. However, if you are playing trios or duo, one of your teammates should have the RAI K since the spinning disk also slows down enemies, which could be helpful. Since it doesn't do massive damage, however, you'll need at least two or three other players with Ray Guns dealing the heavy damage.


How to unlock the RAI K-84 in Outbreak

Remember that if you are using the RAI K, you can not pick up the Ray Gun, and vice versa. Getting the RAI K through the trial missions is still possible, yet rare. You will need a legendary reward to have a chance of getting it through trials. An easier way to get it would be through opening boxes in the world or killing Megatons. After round 3, I would suggest searching all boxes and finding bosses to kill for a chance for it to drop.



Ray Gun

The Ray gun is a staple in the zombies modes since their very beginning. It is rightfully seen as the strongest gun in the game, especially when it is at level 3. When I hit round 40, I was still able to kill zombies very easily with the Ray Gun even in a holdout.


The splash damage of the Ray gun is incredibly useful and the splash damage from a single bullet can take out a border of zombies. It only struggles a bit with Elites and bosses, which is why I would suggest having a shotgun with an ammo mod to do heavy damage against them.


If you are playing solo or duos, you will always need a ray gun to make it to further rounds, so the earlier you get it, the better. If you are playing quads, three of your teammates should have it and if you are playing trios, I would suggest at least two Ray Guns. It works best with the Ring of Fire field upgrade which will become super powerful, even able to shoot bosses and elites.


You need the ray gun, especially if you want to make it to the later game or anything above round 20. Other guns' damage can’t compete with it at all. The only thing to keep in mind is that the splash damage will also cause damage to you, so if you are stuck in a corner and start spraying the Ray Gun, you will probably get downed. Therefore, I would suggest your secondary gun to be a shotgun.


How to unlock the Ray Gun in Outbreak

The best way to get the ray gun is by killing Megatons — that's what worked best for me. Other than that, I would suggest opening boxes to get it. From my experience, I never got the Ray Gun from the trial mission, so it must be super rare to get it from there.


The earliest I was able to get the ray gun was round 3 so I would say you should start looking for Ray Guns around that time, and the later the round is, the easier to find a Ray Gun.


End notes

If your goal is to go to higher rounds, I would suggest having a shotgun and the Ray Gun as your two main weapons. If playing solo or duos, just grind for the Ray Gun: there isn’t even a point of picking up the other wonder weapons or pack-a-punching them. Make sure you spawn in all the bosses and megatons and open all the boxes since those are the best way a Ray Gun can drop.

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