This player almost solo leveled 1-60 in WoW Classic without taking any damage


World of Warcraft: Classic has been a renaissance for the world's most popular MMO. Apart from bringing players back to a nostalgic era of Azeroth, WoW: Classic has also introduced a lot of community challenges, one of which is the hardcore run.


A hardcore run is exactly what you expect: if you die, you have to make a new character, and death in WoW: Classic is very, very common. Mobs are vicious and they chase you for days. You are not at all that powerful and a bad pull of group of enemies, especially speedy ones, can quickly surround and devour you.


And if that sounds dreadful enough, how about hitting level 60... without taking any damage at all?


WoW: Classic player Stadics attempted this, just to see if it's possible. And it definitely seems so, although the streamer does not recommend it. 



Stadics got inspired from other hardcore games like the Soulsborn genre, where no damage runs are very popular. But WoW: Classic is different, Stadics explains, mostly because of the unpredictable spawn locations of mob. In a game like Dark Souls, you know where every enemy is and what they will do. In World of Warcraft, you don't.


Then, it's about what class you can pick. Stadics nails down to Hunter, Mage, Priest, and Warlock as the only four viable options. Hunters and Warlocks have pets that can tank, while Mage and Priest have skills that absorb damage.


Many attempts later, while evading mob spawns, pesky tigers, fall damage, and even getting burned by walking close to fires, Stadics made his personal record: level 58, and 173 hours without taking a single point of damage.


"We had one level to go. And then I fucked up. I took an instant spell blast to the face. And that's it, runs over," Stadics says, his webcam showing him clutching his head. 


While Stadics never reached the maximum level 60, his accomplishment stands out as an incredible one. 

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