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[Chapter 2. Counter picks & Tips] In-depth Katarina guide by 여캐장인임(Yeokaejanginim)




[Chapter 1. Runes, Statistics & Items]

Disclaimer: This article contains curated tips, guides, other useful information posted on Inven KR by the users. Please note that such guides and information are not objective truths and may not reflect the latest patch or meta changes.


*Original guide from LoL Inven KR by 여캐장인임(Yeokaejanginim) [Link]


◆ Counter picks 


▶ Top 3 Hardest Champions to Kill 

Yasuo : There’s not much you can do against a good Yasuo player since all the daggers are blocked by his Wind Wall. The gameplay against Yasuo is all determined by how well the opponent plays. You can find some tips against Yasuo below.

Kassadin : A hard champion to deal with, even after the rework. If Kassadin buys a crystalline flask, the lane phase will be extra hard. It’s hard to deal damage due to Kassadin’s passive ability, and Kassadin’s ultimate gives him a good mobility. You have to purchase an Abyssal Scepter first to effectively fight in the lanes.
- Key item: Abyssal Scepter
- Starting Item: Corrupting Potion or Doran’s Shield + 1 Potion

Viktor : If you have mastered Katarina, Viktor will be easy to deal with. But if you haven't you will have hard times against him. He seems similar to Lux at first, but his abilities are hard to dodge.
- Two of his abilities can interrupt Katarina’s ult.
- Some tips against Viktor can be found below.


▶ Top 3 Easiest Champions to Kill 

Nidalee : Nidalee doesn’t have a definite CC skill, and doesn’t deal a lot of damage. It’s easy to overpower Nidalee if you dodge the javelins. You just have to be careful of Nidalee’s attack speed boost at the beginning. After you have the Gunblade, you can easily kill Nidalee with Q-Gunblade-EWR.
- First item: Doran’s Shield + 1 Potion
- Key item: Abyssal Scepter or Gunblade

Yasuo : You can easily kill Yasuo is the opponent is not skilled with Yasuo, but it maybe a little harder after the rework and the reworked W skill. If Yasuo has the E skill at Lvl. 1, then he easily deals damage to Katarina while behind the minions. Remove Yasuo’s shield with Q and deal some damage with the daggers.
First item: Cloth Armor + 4 Potions or Doran’s Shield + 1 Potion
Key item: Zhonya’s Hourglass

Lux : Lux is relatively easier to deal with. Escape Light Binding or Lucent Singularity with Shunpo and Lux will have low mana to start with. Having Abyssal Scepter gives good damage against Lux, but Lux can’t deal much damage to Katarina. Always be aware of Lux’s ultimate when you are at low health. Be careful if Lux has a double-layer barrier and has either Barrier or Heal as the spell because you may be countered when trying to kill her in the beginning.
- Key item: Abyssal Scepter or Zhonya’s Hourglass
- You can disperse Lux’s QER combo with the Hourglass.
- First item: Doran’s shield + 1 Potion or Boots of Speed + 4 Potions


▶ Strategies against specific champions

※ For those who want to extend their laning phase,I recommend [The Dark Seal] 3 biscuits

[Riven] (Normal~Hard)
- Starting items: [Cloth Armor], [Health Potion]
- Key item: [Zhonya’s Hourglass]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Ki Shout] (Stun) [Broken Wings] (Airborne)
[Bouncing Blade] is blocked by [Valor] and Katarina will be stunned when going for the dagger. Clear the lane with [Bouncing Blade], [Preparation] and know when you should be roaming. Avoid 1:1. If Riven has [Hexdrinker], then it’s hard to kill Riven in 1:1. It’s hard to engage in team fights due to Riven’s [Broken Wings] and [Ki Shout].


[Ahri] (Easy~Normal)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Health Potion]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Charm]
Keep damaging Ahri with [Bouncing Blade] and escape [Orb of Deception] or [Charm] with [Shunpo]. Before Lvl. 6, throw daggers and use dagger- Shunpo compo when Ahri casts [Orb of Deception]. After Lvl. 6, purchase [Sorcerer’s Shoes] to escape Ahri’s skillshots. If you have already used Shunpo and Ahri engages in the fight with [Fox-Fire] [Spirit Rush], then use [Preparation] to speed-up and refresh Shunpo to counter-attack.


[Zed] (Normal)
- Starting items: [Cloth Armor], [Health Potion]*4
- Ability to Master First: [Bouncing Blade]
- Key item: Zhonya’s Hourglass
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: none
Zed’s [Razor Shuriken] is a non-targeted ability, and Katarina’s [Bouncing Blade] is a unit-targeted ability. After Lvl. 6, Katarina should use [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] when attacking first. [Shunpo], [Bouncing Blade], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] is not recommended because of the delay of [Bouncing Blade] and [Bouncing Blade] and [Death Lotus] may not hit Zed a lot. If Zed engages first, take a step back with [Shunpo] or move quickly with [Preparation] and [Shunpo] to the fallen dagger to escape. The fight has become harder after the deletion of Ward Shunpo.


[Ryze] (Normal)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Health Potion], 
- Key item: Abyssal Scepter
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: none
Ryze is as strong as Katarina after his rework. If using [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] combo, Katarina may have the upper hand. But Ryze has a very short cooldown, and Ryze’s [Spell Flux], [Rune Prison], [Overload] creates a barrier, making it hard for Katarina to deal damage. Because Ryze has only one blink, [Realm Warp] , call your junglers to get some kills. Ryze has only [Rune Prison] as a CC skill, which does not interrupt Katarina's ult.


[Orianna] (Normal~Hard)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Health Potion]
- Key item: Abyssal Scepter
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Command: Shockwave] (Airborne + Pull)
Katarina’s [Bouncing Blade] is blocked by Orianna’s [Command: Protect], so aim for the additional damage instead of the regular damage from the daggers. If Orianna keeps using [Command: Protect] a lot, which uses up a lot of mana, you can go for a 1:1. Keep refreshing Shunpo to interrupt Orianna’s ult.


[Swain] (Normal~Hard)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Health Potion]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: none
Many people have hard times against Swain with Katarina, but it will be much easier if you just know the right strategy. Swain’s [Decrepify] doesn’t deal any damage if there’s some distance between him and the target, and you can escape [Nevermove] if you practice enough with moving. When Katarina uses [Bouncing Blade], Swain will use [Torment]. Because [Torment] can deal damage over time, Katarina has more disadvantages in 1:1.

[Ravenous Flock] has a cooldown of 20 seconds, so if Swain uses [Ravenous Flock] to push the lane and then cancels [Ravenous Flock], attack with the [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] combo. Swain is weak against ganks, so call a jungler and use [Shunpo] when he uses [Nevermove] and combo with [Bouncing Blade], [Preparation], [Death Lotus].


[Twisted Fate] (Easy~Normal)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Health Potion] or [Doran’s Ring], [Health Potion]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter] or [Luden’s Echo]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: Gold Card from [Pick a Card] (Stun) 
Twisted Fate is easy to deal with. A good T.F. player would buy [Ionian Boots of Lucidity] to reduce cooldown and keep using [Pick a Card]. As soon as those abilities are used, use [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] combo. When you are playing against a good T.F player, purchase [Abyssal Scepter] and purchase [Luden’s Echo] against a bad T.F player.
[Teleport] is not a bad spell against Twisted Fate, but because T.F. is weak in lanes, try to kill him with [Ignite] instead.


[Diana] (Hard)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Moonfall] (Airborne/Pull)
Many Katarina players have hard times against Diana. Diana’s [Crescent Strike] has a parabolic movement from the right, so move to the left or [Shunpo] to escape. If Diana raises [Pale Cascade] at Lvl. 1, [Bouncing Blade] won’t work as effective as before. From Lvl. 2, Diana will aggressively use [Crescent Strike], so use [Shunpo] to escape and throw [Bouncing Blade] to make her use [Pale Cascade]. Keep dealing small damage.

If Diana keeps blocking [Bouncing Blade] with [Pale Cascade], she will have insufficient mana, so she won’t be able to block [Bouncing Blade] from Lvl.5. Diana is weak against ganks, so bring a jungler along and deal some damage with [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation] combo.
After Lvl. 6, [Moonsilver Blade] activates every third attack. Diana’s most common combo is
Basic-Basic-[Crescent Strike], [Lunar Rush], [Pale Cascade], [Moonsilver Blade], [Moonfall]-Basic-Basic-[Moonsilver Blade].

If Diana’s body is glowing, it means that [Moonsilver Blade] can be activated.  As soon as [Crescent Strike] approaches Katarina, escape with [Shunpo]. Diana will then use [Lunar Rush], [Pale Cascade], thinking that [Crescent Strike] will hit the enemy. The junglers can gank on Diana right at this moment and Diana will panic and use [Moonfall]. Then use [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus], [Shunpo] combo to win against her.


[Lulu] (Hard)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Whimsy] (Mutation) [Wild Growth] (Airborne)
It’s hard for Katarina to play against Lulu. [Bouncing Blade] is blocked by [Help, Pix!], and [Pix, Faerie Companion] deals continuous small damage. [Whimsy] and [Wild Growth] may stop [Death Lotus]. Slowing from [Glitterlance] and mutation from [Whimsy] will make you vulnerable against ganks. Even if you gang up against Lulu, she can use [Whimsy], [Wild Growth] against it. Lulu can’t get many kills in lanes, but will keep Katarina from getting kills.

Attack minions with [Bouncing Blade]. Calling on junglers to deal damage or making Lulu use [Flash] will make the laning easier. It’s hard to kill with [Ignite], so use [Teleport] to bottom-roam and get some kills to win. Throw [Bouncing Blade], deal damage with [Preparation], [Shunpo], and retreat. With the Q damage nerfed, Lulu won’t be picked a lot for Mid.


[Annie] (Normal~Hard)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Pyromania] (Stun)
Annie deals lots of damage with [Pyrymania] and [Summon: Tibbers]. These abilities are strong, but they have short ranges and Annie has no ability for escape. You should call junglers to eliminate Annie. When using [Bouncing Blade], [Incinerate] usually won’t hit or [Disintegrate] can’t be used. Use [Bouncing Blade] on Annie or on minions to gradually wear them down. Do not use [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation] combo against Annie. Because Annie has a short range of attack, the combo may cause Katarina to be hit by [Disintegrate] and [Incinerate].

Annie can’t catch up with Katarina’s roaming. After Lvl. 6, use the full combo of [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] if [Pyromania] has 0 stacks to gain the upper hand.
Roam around a lot!


[Viktor] (Hard)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Health Potion]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Gravity Field] (Stun) [Chaos Storm] (Silence)
Viktor is especially hard to deal with. With 1 level in [Siphon Power], Viktor can block around 70% damage of [Bouncing Blade] and deal strengthened damage to Katarina, so Katarina has to use [Bouncing Blade] on farming minions. Viktor’s [Death Ray] is quite fast and also deals lots of damage, so you have to escape with [Shunpo] or move away from him.

Stay away from your minions. (If you are hit with your minions, the lane is pushed back and it is harder to backup or roam. For ganking, lure him up to the minions, and Shunpo to escape.) Viktor has two abilities, [Gravity Field] and [Chaos Storm], that can interrupt your ultimate, so you should never engage first. In the first return to base, buy [Negatron Cloak] and [Boots of Speed] to survive in laning and roam around a lot.


[Syndra] Syndra (Normal)
- Starting items: [Boots of Speed], [Health Potion]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter] or [Zhonya’s Hourglass]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Scatter the Weak] (Knockback)
Syndra has become weaker in lanes after [Dark Sphere] got nerfed. Level 1 [Dark Sphere] is weaker than [Bouncing Blade]. You can go with either Zhonya or Abyssal against Syndra. You can easily beat Syndra’s [Unleashed Power] with [Zhonya’s Hourglass]. After Syndra’s nerf, laning is much easier for Katarina. [Dark Sphere] and [Bouncing Blade] deal about the same amount of damage, so buy [Boots of Speed] first and hit while escaping. Syndra usually uses [Force of Will] to capture a sphere or a minion, then uses [Force of Will] and [Dark Sphere] simultaneously. Use the [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Bouncing Blade], [Death Lotus], [Shunpo] combo on her.

After Lvl. 6, Syndra’s [Scatter the Weak] can knock you back and [Dark Sphere] can stun you, so don’t use your ultimate first. If you have the upper hand, use the [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus], [Shunpo] combo. If Syndra has already used [Scatter the Weak] or has used [Dark Sphere] and [Force of Will] simultaneously, Katarina can go in and use the [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Bouncing Blade], [Death Lotus], [Shunpo] combo.


[Xerath] Xerath (Normal)
- Starting items: [Boots of Speed], [Health Potion] or [Doran’s Shield], [Health Potion]
- Key item: [Sorcerer’s Shoes], [Abyssal Scepter], [Hextech Gunblade]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Shocking Orb] (Stun)
Xerath is harder to deal with than Lux since Xerath can stop Katarina’s ultimate with [Shocking Orb]. Avoid [Arcanopulse] by moving around and attack with [Bouncing Blade]. If Xerath uses [Arcanopulse], use [Shunpo] on the dagger near Xerath. If you make a sudden turn from a straight dash, you will have a chance to dodge [Shocking Orb] and [Eye of Destruction] . Xerath’s [Arcanopulse] has a short cooldown. Be aware that Xerath can use [Arcanopulse] twice while Katarina uses [Shunpo] only once.

Xerath has no movement abilities and all abilities are non-targeted, so purchase [Ionian Boots of Lucidity] or [Sorcerer’s Shoes] to start roaming as fast as you can. If Katarina is successful in roaming and gets 3 to 4 kills, then she can buy [Abyssal Scepter] and[Hextech Gunblade], which can be used to kill Xerath with the [Bouncing Blade], [Hextech Gunblade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus], [Shunpo], [Ignite] combo.


[Vel’Koz] (Normal)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation]
- Key item: [Ionian Boots of Lucidity], [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Tectonic Disruption] (Airborne)
Vel’Koz has low health for a mid lane champion, but his basic attack is as good as that of Azir. So after getting the shield and the boots, you can throw [Bouncing Blade] as you are dodging Vel'Koz's skillshots to kill Vel’Koz easily. Vel’Koz can disrupt Katarina’s ultimate with [Tectonic Disruption]. When you are hit by Vel’Koz’s skillshots, [Organic Deconstruction] will be stacked. You will receive fixed damage, which can be fatal. [Organic Deconstruction] also stacks when you get hit by [Life Form Disintegration Ray], in which case you will be airborned.

If you get hit by [Plasma Fission], [Void Rift] and [Life Form Disintegration Ray], you get additional fixed damages from [Organic Destruction]. Vel’Koz is, however, is weak against ganking and roaming. Buy the boots quickly and roam, avoiding Vel’Koz’s non-targeted abilities.

(Quick Trick) Here is a trick you can try once in a while. After Lvl. 6, stay in front of the turret and get hit until you have about 80% health left. Then Vel’Koz will think you are away from your monitor and will use [Tectonic Disruption], [Plasma Fission], [Void Rift], [Life Form Disintegration Ray] simultaneously. Then you can use [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus], [Incinerate] to kill him 1vs1.


[LeBlanc] (Normal)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Total Biscuit of Regeneration]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: none
This section refers to LeBlanc after her rework. Katarina’s [Bouncing Blade] is stronger than LeBlanc’s [Shatter Orb], so feel free to fight her 1:1. [Shatter Orb] doesn’t do much damage alone, but [Sigil of Malice] that comes with it can deal some damage when it works with [Distortion] or [Ethereal Chains]. So after getting hit by [Shatter Orb], dodge [Distortion] with [Shunpo]. You can try to kill LeBlanc with [Bouncing Blade] while running away from her. After Lvl. 6, when LeBlanc uses [Distortion] , use the [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] combo. You can kill her with [Flash], [Ignite], [Shunpo] as well.


[Akali] (Easy~Normal)
- Starting items: [Rejuvenation Bead], [Rejuvenation Bead], [Health Potion] or [Doran’s Shield], [Poro Snax]
- Key item: [Hextech Gunblade] or [Abyssal Scepter] 
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: none
Laning against Akali is very easy, so keep attacking with the [Bouncing Blade] [Preparation] [Shunpo] combo. If Akali doesn’t engage in fights and gains CS with [Mark of the Assassin], you should keep attacking her with [Bouncing Blade]. You can go with either [Abyssal Scepter] or [Hextech Gunblade] against Akali. Either one is effective against Akali.

After Lvl. 6, Akali learns [Shadow Dance]. If you use up [Shunpo] early, it will be easier for Akali to kill you with the [Shadow Dance], [Mark of the Assassin], [Crescent Slash]-Basic-[Crescent Slash], [Mark of the Assassin]-Basic-[Ignite] combo. Use [Shunpo] only when you have a dagger on the ground. After Lvl. 6, Akali will use [Mark of the Assassin] on you and then use the [Shadow Dance]-Basic-[Mark of the Assassin]-Basic combo on you 5 seconds after. Watch out for the double [Mark of the Assassin] damage.


[Azir] (Hard)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Emperor’s Divide] (Knockback)
All of Azir’s damage comes from [Arise!], so stay away from it. Azir underwent many nerfs but is still a hard opponent for Katarina, so do not fight him 1:1. You will be counterattacked by [Emporor’s Divide]. Escape from [Arise!] and [Conquering Sands] using [Shunpo]. The [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation] combo is rarely used against Azir. Try using [Bouncing Blade], [Preparation], [Shunpo] instead. Focus on roaming to deal some damage to Azir.


[Kassadin] (Hard)
- Starting items: [Corrupting Potion] or [Doran’s Shield] + 1 Potion (Recommended)
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Null Sphere] (Interrupts channeled abilities)
Kassadin is especially hard to deal with. [Void Stone] which reduces magic damage, high HP, and [Rod of Ages] all make Katarina hard to kill Kassadin. Kassadin can roam with [Riftwalk], slow a unit with [Force Pulse], interrupt channeled abilities with [Null Sphere], and enhance basic attacks with [Nether Blade].

Kassadin can easily chase Katarina using [Riftwalk] so you should roam while let the other laners do the kills. Katarina’s [Death Lotus] can be interrupted by Kassadin’s [Null Sphere]. Kassadin is not a nuker, so when you engage in exchange attack with [Bouncing Blade] one second after you get hit by [Null Sphere].


[Cassiopeia] (Normal~Hard)
- Starting items: [Boots of Speed], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter], [Hextech Gunblade]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Petrifying Gaze] (Petrify)
Cassiopeia can deal massive damage with the [Twin Fang], [Twin Fang], [Twin Fang] combo after hitting the enemy with [Noxious Blast] or [Miasma]. When you are laning, keep your distance from her. Move around a lot and, dodge [Noxious Blast], and attack with [Bouncing Blade].

Cassiopeia has low HP. Once Katarina has [Abyssal Scepter] and [Hextech Gunblade], try killing her with the [Bouncing Blade], [Hextech Gunblade], [Preparation], [Shunpo], [Death Lotus], [Shunpo], [Ignite] combo, especially when Cassiopeia has [Archangel’s Staff] and no magic resist items. Cassiopeia might be a nuker in late game, but Katarina is superior in roaming. You can win against Cassiopeia if you roam around. If you turn around and use [Death Lotus], you won’t get petrified from Cassiopeia’s ultimate.


[Irelia] (Hard)
- Starting items: [Cloth Armor], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation]
- Key item: [Zhonya’s Hourglass]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Equilibrium Strike] (Stun)
The hardest champion to fight against. I’m not joking. The deal exchange doesn’t work. Give up on 1:1 if Irelia has Hexdrinker. When I got [Seeker’s Armguard], she mastered [Equilibrium Strike]. She kills low-HP minions with [Bladesurge], and uses [Equilibrium Strike], [Hiten Style]-Basic-basic-basic-basic-[Bladesurge]-basic or [Bladesurge], [Hiten Style], [Equilibrium Strike]-basic-basic-basic on Katarina. After the deletion of Crystalline Flask, it has gotten a little better. But before that, it was an one-sided fight.

Place a ward in the back, and Shunpo to Irelia when she comes in. Throw a dagger at her and use[Bouncing Blade] [Preparation] [Shunpo], since [Bladesurge] has a cooldown longer than 10 seconds. [Equilibrium Strike] will stun the opponent who has higher HP percentage than Irelia, and will slow the one with lower HP percentage.

If Katarina engages first, then [Death Lotus] will be interrupted by [Equilibrium Strike] and Katarina will be killed by [Hiten Style]-basic-basic-basic-[Transcendent Blades]-[Transcendent Blades]-[Transcendent Blades]-[Transcendent Blades]-[Bladesurge]. Call for a gank, and use [Bouncing Blades]-[Shunpo]-[Preparation]-[Shunpo]-basic-basic. If you get a chance, use [Shunpo]-[Death Lotus].


[Lissandra] (Normal~Hard)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter], [Quicksilver Sash]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Frozen Tomb] (Stun)
Laning with Lissandra isn’t hard, but Lissandra uses her ultimate to tie down Katarina. Her abilities don’t deal much damage, so you once you have [Negatron Cloak] you’ll be fine. Lissandra’s [Ice Shard] shatters into more shards once it hits the target so don’t stand behind minions. Katarina’s [Bouncing Blade] is used for minion farming and containing the opponent. You can’t use [Bouncing Blade]-[Shunpo] on Lissandra. Roam around when you are against Lissandra, and never engage first.


[Fizz] (Normal~Hard)
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Chum the Waters] (Airborne)
Fizz can block [Bouncing Blade] with Trickster and deal damage with W and Q abilities. Get Abyssal Scepter (Negatron Cloak > Blasting Wand) as your first item against Fizz. When Fizz blocks [Bouncing Blade] and returns the damage with E, use [Preparation] and then [Shunpo], and then [Shunpo]-[Death Lotus] to exchange. It is important to keep damaging Fizz with [Bouncing Blade] at Lvl. 1. If you are not hit by Fizz's ult directly, you won't receive much damage.


[Vladimir] (Hard)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter] 
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: none
Don’t use the [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation] combo against Vladimir. Vladimir will hit you with Q + E and will drain your health too. Even if you deal damage with [Bouncing Blade], Vladimir recharges health with [Transfusion], so Q is meaningless.  Master W ability first, push up the lane, and dirty-farm. [Sanguine Pool] may nullify [Death Lotus], so it’s hard to engage… Purchase [Sorcerer’s Shoes] or [Ionian Boots of Lucidity] and roam around!


[Anivia] (Hard)
- Starting items: [Boots of Speed], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation] or [Doran’s Shield], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Flash Frost], [Crystallize], [Rebirth] 
Anivia is also very hard to deal with. She will stop [Voracity] from being activated, which makes it hard to kill her. Anivia has a long range of attack, so watch out for basic attacks and use [Bouncing Blade] to deal damage to Anivia through minions. Anivia isn’t very mobile and doesn’t have an escape skill, so you can have a fair laning phase with the help from junglers. Use Anivia’s lack of mobility as your advantage and roam a lot.


[Veigar] (Normal)
- Starting items: [Boots of Speed], [Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Event Horizon] (Stun)
You may use [Mercury’s Treads] against Veigar. Once stunned by [Event Horizon], you will get free by the time you are hit by [Dark Matter]. Veigar lacks mobility, so roam a lot. Veigar is also a farming character that stacks on [Baleful Strike], so throwing [Bouncing Blade] enough times may kill him. Good Veigar players watch out a lot, so using [Teleport] may help! Gang up frequently and win in lanes. If you want to go with defense items, I recommend [Banshee’s Veil].


[Cho’Gath] (Hard)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Feral Scream] (Silence) [Rupture] (Airborne)
Cho’Gath’s passive HP regeneration is good enough to nullify [Bouncing Blade]. Ask your junglers to kill Cho’Gath. Get Gunblade as your first item and farm, or have an Abyssal Scepter to defend. Roaming is the best strategy against Cho’Gath. The balance is much better after a rework.


[Morgana] (Easy~Normal)
- Starting items: [Long Sword] or [Boots of Speed]
- Key item: [Abyssal Scepter]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Soul Shackles] (Stun)
Katarina can use [Shunpo] repeatedly after her rework, so dealing with Morgana has become much easier. It’s like going against Lux with higher defense but lower attack. The basic combo is to dodge [Dark Binding] with [Shunpo], approach Morgana, and use the [Preparation]-[Bouncing Blade] combo. Pick up the dagger with [Preparation] and use [Shunpo] to retreat or to pick up the dagger from [Bouncing Blade] and keep exchanging.

Morgana is a bit more difficult after Lvl. 6. If you approach her with [Shunpo] before she uses [Dark Binding], you will get hit by [Dark Binding] and the [Tormented Soil], [Soul Shackles] combo. Make her use [Dark Binding] and then go in. If you can’t, use [Shunpo] and immediately use [Preparation] to dodge [Dark Binding] with the increased movement speed. You can also pick up the dagger from [Bouncing Blade] and engage with [Shunpo]. [Black Shield] only reduces magic damage, so use basic attacks to deal some damage.


[Kayle] (Normal)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield] or [Long Sword]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: none
Kayle seems to be easy to deal with at first with no abilities to interrupt Katarina’s ult, but then there is [Intervention]. Engage in laning like you fight other AP champions, and pay more attention after Lvl.6. The game after Lvl. 6 is important because of [Intervention]. This has a short cooldown, so you can go in first and make Kayle use his ult.

Now that [Voracity] is more effective than [Death Lotus] in dealing damage, use [Bouncing Blade] when Kayle is near the dagger. Then use [Preperation], immediately followed by the [Shunpo]-[Death Lotus] combo. This will probably use up [Intervention]. Even if [Intervention] isn’t used, the full damage from [Death Lotus] will be very effective. In team fights, don’t use [Death Lotus] until [Intervention] is used. You can also use the [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] combo if Kayle is under a hard CC.


[Ekko] (Normal~Hard)
- Starting items: [The Dark Seal] (Recommended), [Doran’s Shield]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Parallel Convergence] (Stun)
Dealing with [Ekko] has become easier for Katarina after her rework. Katarina could use [Shunpo] only once and was hit by the enemies a lot before, but now [Shunpo] can be used up to 3 times, so she can now hit and run.

Before Lvl. 6, you have to be careful not to get hit 3 times and invoke [Z-Drive Resonance].
Dodge [Timewinder] at all costs. After Lvl. 6, engage in fights after Ekko has used [Phase Dive]. (Almost no one will use [Parallel Convergence] against Katarina right away; if [Parallel Convergence] is used, then go in right away.)

Like when you are fighting against Kayle, use the [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Voracity], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] combo and escape from [Parallel Convergence](stun) or [Chronobreak] with [Shunpo]. When you are looking for a kill, always be aware of when [Parallel Convergence] is used and the original spot of [Chronobreak].


[Jayce] (Hard)
- Starting items: [Doran’s Shield] or [Cloth Armor]
- Key item: [Zhonya’s Hourglass]
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: [Thundering Blow] (Knockback)
Before Lvl. 6, dodge [Acceleration Gate] and [Shock Blast] with [Shunpo] or attack with the [Shunpo], [Bouncing Blade], [Preparation] combo. Unless you get all three hits from [Hyper Charge] or you are continuously getting hit by [Acceleration Gate] and [Shock Blast], you won’t die in a 1:1 fight.

When Jayce has [Mercury Hammer] on and uses [To the skies!] to engage first, dodge it with [Shunpo] and throw [Bouncing Blade]. After Lvl. 6, use the [Shunpo], [Bouncing Blade], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] combo while Jayce is switching from [Mercury Hammer] to [Mercury Cannon]


[Talon] (Normal)
- Starting items: [Cloth Armor] or [Long Sword]
- Key item: Zhonya’s Hourglass
- Interrupts Katarina’s ult: none
I added Talon because he seems to be popular after his rework. Do not get hit by [Rake], and do not exchange when [Blade’s End] is stocked. Getting hit by Talon’s basic attack when [Blade’s End] is stocked can definitely kill you. When the enemy Talon tries to attack you with [Rake], exchange with the [Shunpo]-[Preparation]-[Bouncing Blade] combo, and escape with [Shunpo] as soon as [Blade’s End] has three stacks.

When Talon tries to engage in fights with [Noxian Diplomacy], use [Preparation] for an increased movement speed and keep distance so you won’t get hit by his basic attacks. Decide whether to escape with [Shunpo] or to engage with [Bouncing Blade]-[Shunpo], depending on your situation. When you see Talon trying to use his ult, use [Preparation] immediately.



◆ Some more tips


▶ Ganking Combo

This is the combo for ganking. When countering with ult, set up [Preparation] and turn around to control Shunpo. Wait for [Bouncing Blade] to cool down, and once [Bouncing Blade] is refreshed, [Shunpo], [Bouncing Blade] or [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo] to engage again for a double-kill.


▶ Best Champion with Katarina

BEST Assist: [Morgana]
Morgana’s [Black Shield] will stop the enemies from interrupting [Death Lotus]. Katarina’s uninterrupted Death Lotus will lead to victory in team fights.
If there is a good Morgana supporter, then picking Katarina is always okay.

BEST Initiator: [Malphite], [Amumu], [Wukong]
These are champions that can use splash CC abilities ([Curse of the Sad Mummy], [Unstoppable Force], [Cyclone]).
This makes it easier for Katarina to engage in team fights.

BEST Supporter: [Soraka], [Lulu]
These champions can help Katarina carry the team with their CC, recovery, and barrier abilities.


▶ Early game tips

Laning Combo 1: [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation]-Basic-Basic-[Bouncing Blade], then pick up the dagger and chase after the enemy or escape behind the minions.

Laning Combo 2: [Bouncing Blade], [Preparation], [Shunpo], and then Q to get the blade and escape with the dagger left behind from [Preparation].

Laning Combo 3: After [Bouncing Blade], the blade is stuck in the ground for 3~4 seconds, so by the time it vanishes, get in with [Shunpo], [Preparation], throw [Bouncing Blade] and [Shunpo].

Combo after Lvl. 6: [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus], pick up the dagger from [Preparation] and refresh [Shunpo]. There should be a dagger where the enemies are retreating, so [Shunpo] to the dagger, pick it up, and [Shunpo] again to deal damage.


▶ Mid game tips

Roaming should start when your team starts team fights or when Katarina has almost arrived.
When the enemies use up their abilities and are unaware of Katarina, it becomes easier for Katarina to decimate the enemies with a [Shunpo], [Bouncing Blade], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] combo. 
Katarina likes team fights. Deal some damage with the Q skill, and if there are enemies with a half HP left, [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus], [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Shunpo], [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Shunpo]... and keep killing enemies to win the fight.

If the enemies have only a few CC skills (for example, a team composition with [Gnar], [Nidalee], [Lux], [Ezreal], [Sona]), then Katarina can [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus], [Shunpo] from the back lane and severely damage or kill the enemies, making the team win the team fight.


▶ Late game tips

If the opponents do not have magic resist items, Katarina can kill them all. A Katarina with 600 AP can decimate the enemy damage dealers without magic resistance using [Flash], [Bouncing Blade], [Shunpo], [Preparation], [Death Lotus], [Shunpo] in 1~2 seconds and maybe even kill a support or mid nearby.

If there is a lot of tankers in the enemy team, save up on [Shunpo] and keep a safe distance with the tankers. Use [Bouncing Blade], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] to deplete their health, and crush the tankers and the damage dealers altogether.


▶ Role in Team fights

Katarina is a champion for backstabbing. Get as many kills as you can with [Voracity], and crush the enemy damage dealers. Even when Katarina is not scaled, a surprise [Death Lotus] near the end of a team fight may leave the enemies in a near-death situation or be killed by [Voracity].

If Katarina has [Zhonya’s Hourglass], she can use [Zhonya’s Hourglass] when the enemy’s CC ability is used during her [Shunpo], [Bouncing Blade], [Preparation], [Death Lotus] combo. Then, the team can swoop in, while the enemies have low HP left. With a higher chance of victory, Katarina now has to decide whether to use [Shunpo] to escape or engage in the fight.

If Katarina is well scaled, she can deal enough damage to get a double or even triplekill with [Shunpo], [Bouncing Blade], [Preparation], [Death Lotus], [Shunpo].


[Chapter 1. Runes, Statistics & Items]


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