All 35 Hearthstone cards seeing reverts later this month

▲ Hold on to your hats, a wave of reverts is coming. Images via Blizzard Entertainment


As the Hearthstone community braces for the upcoming Year of the Gryphon to bring about a modern Core Set, expansions, balance changes, and game modes, the game's development team announced that even more new (old) content was coming a week before the first expansion of the year.


Ahead of the launch of the upcoming Forged in the Barrens card expansion's release on March 30, Alec Dawson, Senior Game Designer on the Hearthstone team, revealed that 35 cards were seeing their nerfs reverted a week before.


Set to go live in patch 20.0, the following cards are being returned to a pre-nerfed state before they are set to be sent to the Wild format as part of the game's Core Set shakeup. So, for one week, the Standard format will see its' meta flipped upside down as players get to experiment with old cards back to most of their original form and how they mesh with content released since.

Sidenote: Not every single card being returned to their original form are playable in Standard. Call to Arms, Spirit Claws, Undertaker, Bonemare, and Saronite Chain Gang are still Wild-only cards.


- Call to Arms (4 mana)

- Power Word: Shield (back to 1 mana, draws 1)

- Blade Flurry (2 mana but does not deal face damage)
- The Caverns Below (Quest requires 4 minions, gives 5/5 stats)
- Necrium Apothecary (4 mana)
- Galakrond, the Nightmare (Drawn cards cost 0)
- Edwin Van Cleef (3 mana)

- Keeper of the Grove (4 health)
- Ancient of Lore (Draws 2 cards)

- Starving Buzzard (2 mana, 2/1)
- Flare (1 mana)
- Dinotamer Brann (7 mana)
- Hunter's Mark (1 mana)

- Mana Wyrm (1 mana, 1/2)
- Conjurer's Calling (3 mana)
- Dragoncaster (6 mana)

- Spirit Claws (1 mana)
- Corrupt Elementalist (5 mana)
- Invocation of Frost (1 mana)
- Dragon's Pack (+3/+3 to Spirit Wolves)
- Flametongue Totem (2 mana, 0/2)

Fiendish Rites (3 mana)

Scion of Ruin (3 mana)
Bloodsworn Mercenary (3/3)
Charge (3 mana, +2 attack and Charge)

- Undertaker (gains +1/+1)
- Arcane Golem (4/2, gains Charge)
- Leper Gnome (2/1)
- Knife Juggler (3/2)
- Bonemare (7 mana)
- Saronite Chain Gang (summons exact copy)
- Archivist Elysiana (8 mana)
- Dragonqueen Alexstraza (Creates 0 mana dragons)
- Bad Luck Albatross (3 mana)
- Frenzied Felwing (3/3)

With patch 20.0 right around the corner, players can begin preparing for the slaps across the face of nostalgia they will be giving and receiving from old cards.

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