C9 Blaber: "Alphari has been the most noteworthy player that's come to the LCS this year."

Source: Riot Games


Although having a rough weekend in the LCS, losing two of their three games against rivals Team Liquid and Team SoloMid, Cloud9 still sits atop the standings. The team looks very strong, with the duo of Luka "Perkz" Perković and Robert "Blaber" Huang being one of the most lethal combinations in the league. 


Blaber spoke with Inven Global to discuss his team's performance, what they can improve on, and what players/teams have caught his eye. 



How have you felt about your individual playstyle and where you fit in with the current meta?


I think right now that my champion pool is pretty good, and I think I'm playing pretty well in this meta! I think it's pretty good for our team. I fit in this meta really well in being able to play carry junglers and supportive junglers.


Obviously, the most notable addition to Cloud9 this season was adding Perkz. What have you thought about him as a teammate so far this split? 


I really like playing with Perkz. I think he's been playing very well, and I think that's it's very easy to play with someone like him. He makes very good calls, and he knows how to lead the team in mid and late game, so it's been very nice playing with him.


With that in mind, since you have a unique perspective on your relationship with him as a jungler, how has he been different compared to other mid laners in the past? How have you had to adjust your playstyle with him?


I don't think I've really had to adjust my playstyle. I think generally when you play with really good mid laners — which I think I've always had the luxury of playing with — they have a great understanding of how the jungle role works: when they need help from me and when they should help me in turn.


I think in general it's been very easy for me to play with him. I think we can both play the carry style in our roles. He could be my support and I could be his support. It's been very nice so far. 


What do you think about Cloud9’s playstyle as a whole? Even with a few losses, you're doing very well in the league's standings. What points do you think you can work on and what are you happy with currently?


I think we've been playing pretty well, I think we had a rough weekend. We had some very unfortunate games. I think there's a lot of things we need to work on in general. Our sidelaning has been pretty poor, and we've had trouble taking control of games when we don't have clear engage. Those are definitely things we need to work on going into the future.


Cloud9 saw a massive overhaul in its coaching staff. How has it been working with people like Reignover, Mithy, Veigar, and Max Waldo?


It's been pretty good working with them. I think they've been very smart, they understand the game very well. I've worked with Reignover before since he's been affiliated with Cloud9 for awhile. I think Mithy, Max, Reignover, and Veigar bring a lot of knowledge to the team and they've been helping us improve a lot.


Besides those on Cloud9, have any teams or players particularly impressed you?


I think Alphari has been pretty good on Team Liquid. I think he's been playing very well and has been helping his team a lot. Alphari has been the most noteworthy player that's come to the LCS this year.


Cloud9 is one of the teams North American fans are expecting to represent them in international competition. What teams have stood out to you so far this year?


Pretty much the normal teams that we look out for. I've been watching a lot of EDG games in China, actually most of the LPL games. Obviously, DAMWON just won Worlds, and obviously G2 from Europe. 

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