MVP ADD: "I think we have a shot at beating the top three."


On March 15th (KST), MVP defeated Kongdoo Monster with a 2-0 record in the second matchup of Day 32 LCK Spring Split 2017.

Gunmo "ADD" Kang was proficient at both tanking and dealing damage as he picked Poppy and Rumble respectively in Game 1 and 2 and led the team to a clean victory.

Here is our interview with Gunmo "ADD" Kang.

Congratulations on your win today. How are you feeling right now?

I'm glad that we managed to get a win with a 2-0 record. We'll be facing the top three teams over the next couple of weeks, so we have to get as many wins as possible against other teams. 

You've given up Camille to KDM and picked Poppy to face against her in Game 1. Can you tell us why?

I don't think Camille is as dominant as she used to be, so I really didn't mind letting her through. Poppy is not particularly strong against Camille, but it is good at peeling Camille off from other champions. I thought we'd be able to win as long as they give Camille to the toplaner, so we forced her onto the toplane by banning Rumble. However, Jongbin "Max" Jung said that he was fine with facing Camille as a support, so I don't think it would have mattered either way.

Game 2 wasn't all that easy though.

I thought the Baron steal was just a minor setback. It was only a matter of us winning before 10 pm or winning after.

How did you react to the Baron steal in Game 2?

We didn't care much as we thought we'd still win.

You have to face the top three teams in the remaining matches. Are you prepared?

It would have been better for us if we faced SKT T1 as soon as possible. It's a shame that it had to be the very last match. Nevertheless, I think we have a shot at beating the top three. In my opinion, just because they are the top three, that doesn't mean that they are invincible.

Did you expect that you'd do this well in this season?

Personally, I was confident that we'd do well. Judging from the pre-season scrims, there aren't as many good toplaners as there were in the previous season.

Do you think that you are among the best toplaners in Korea?

Well, I do sometimes lose against other strong toplaners, but I think I'm a lot better after the last season. Being among the best in Korea is basically the same as being among the best in the World. That's why I'm more confident now.

It looks like your Baron calls are much better this season.

We used to stumble a lot when trying to take Baron Nashor, but I think we got a lot better. We try to harass the enemy jungler as much as possible when trying to take Baron, and it became easier to get vision control when ahead because of Control Wards.

Do you think Rumble is among the best toplaner in the current metagame?

It's easy to make good plays if you know how to play him well. It's capable of making significant impact to a game's outcome.

What do you think about Gragas as a toplaner?

As far as I know, Gragas doesn't have a good winrate regardless of the position. I don't think it's a strong pick; at least not yet.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else that you want to share?

Our last year's goal was to get into playoffs and placing fourth. I think we are closer to that goal this year. I'm not sure whether we will be able to get a ticket to the World Championship, but I'll do my best to get there.

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