LCK jungle pioneer DRX Pyosik reveals his Top 5 jungle picks


On March 4, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split, DRX defeated kt Rolster 2-1 in a nail-biting series. In the games, the pioneer of the jungle, Hong "Pyosik" Chang-hyeon led the team to victory and was voted for the Player of the Game for both games they won. After the match, Pyosik talked with Inven about his top 5 jungle champions.

No. 1: Udyr, the Spirit Walker

Results: 5-0, KDA 11.2


If I were to pick one champion in the 2021 LCK Spring Split, I’d have to say Udyr. I was the first to pick him and my results are really good up to now.


Udyr is a champion that has fast jungling. Through that, he can move around and secure the first turn. I can decide whether to gank, take an objective, or go counter jungling. I feel quite proud that it feels I’m making the best decisions as Udyr on the Rift this year.


No. 2: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters

Results: 3-1, KDA 2.6


Coming in second is my signature champion, Kindred. Other players don’t really prefer Kindred, but I can use it and win the game, so it’s an important pick for me. As a player, having a joker pick is really meaningful.


Kindred is a champion that could just go to doom because its jungling isn’t as fast. But if it can scale persistently, the damage gets strong so it can make variables. Players need to capitalize on that part for Kindred to be meaningful in the game. Frankly, I think Kindred is a champion that’s hard to be good at. It’s a difficult champion that requires both mechanics and good decision-making.


No. 3: Dr. Mundo, the Madman of Zaun

Results: 1-3, KDA 3.9


Dr. Mundo carries a similar role to Udyr. Its jungling is fast, so it’s good to secure the first turn. But since Dr. Mundo is a tank one-tool champion, it relies heavily on the team composition. Plus, even if it’s a tank, it can die rather easily, so it’s important to maintain a proper distance from opponents. Still, I think he’s a decent champion.


Although the role is similar to Udyr, the position is different in teamfights. If Udyr runs in and rams into the opponents, Dr. Mundo has to kite and close in slowly. I’d really like to recommend Dr. Mundo as a good champion, but it’s hard to do that looking back at the win rates in solo queue or official matches.

No. 4: Lillia, the Bashful Bloom

Results: 2-2, KDA 3.2


Lillia is a very anomalous champion. If you make a mistake against Lillia, you would get counter-jungled constantly and you won’t even be able to catch her because she’s really fast. Lillia’s a difficult champion, but if played properly, she’s really good. If there’s Udyr for me this year, there was Lillia last year, so I’d like to pick her as 4th.


To come to think about it, I played Lillia really often from last year. I kept playing her at Worlds, and played her a lot from the LCK season, so I kind of can calculate her damage very precisely. With my instincts, I guess.

No. 5: Nidalee, the Bestial Huntress

Results: 1-3, KDA 2.4


Nidalee goes really well with a champion that has a CC. She’s really strong in the early game so the game could go easily. Nidalee is fast and she can do enough in teamfights too. She can heal a teammate, poke, and just simply do her worth without much trouble. It’s a versatile champion, but she doesn’t go well with the current meta so I haven’t been able to play her that often.

You know, there are more champions I want to discuss. That makes me feel that my champion pool has gotten wider and deeper. I think I can say that I’m a player with a wide champion pool now. Thank you to all the fans that cheer for me. I’ll do my best to show a good performance against Fredit BRION too.

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