Pokemon Presents reveals Pokemon Snap gameplay and a new Pokemon RPG

Source: Pokemon Direct


Pokemon announced a sudden Presents and it had the community's imagination running wild. But the information we heard was honestly nothing anyone could have predicted. 


On February 27, it will be the 25th anniversary of Green and Red being released in Japan. That's 25 years of video games, anime, the trading card game, and even fashion and toys. For this reason, Pokemon fans expected big things — and we got them. 


Pokemon Snap


Source: Pokemon Direct (which had a lot of LAG, so sorry for photo quality)


We heard about Pokemon Snap a while ago, but fans have been waiting for more details about this classic remake. In the Pokemon Presents, we finally got a release date: April 30. And we also learned a lot more about the gameplay. 


Pokemon Snap is not just taking pictures — although it can be if you want it to be! It's all about capturing the behaviors and expressions of wild Pokemon in their natural habitat, even underwater. And the Lental region is BEAUTIFUL. 


Once you capture a photo you like, you can bring it to the professor to get a rating, which seems to be based on how rare the moment in the photograph is. You can also edit your photos with stickers and frames. Photos can then be shared online with the Pokemon Snap community, with popular photos having the chance of becoming showcased. 


Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl



These "faithful remakes" of Diamond and Pearl will be coming in late 2021. Based on the series that came out on DS in Japan 15 years ago, this game will be developed by Ilca Inc. (who worked on Pokemon Home) and Game Freak (who worked on the original games). 


This game takes place in Sinnoh. The town and its land has been preserved so you'll be able to travel through familiar locations and experience the original stories. You'll encounter every Pokemon from both Diamond and Pearl. 


Pokemon Legends: Arceus



This interesting endeavor is coming in early next year. According to the Pokemon Presents the development is in full swing. It's also being handled by Game Freak, despite the Pokemon community's often negative view of their recent games (Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, which I personally liked). 


But this game is completely different from what Pokemon has attempted in the past. This unique Pokemon title will be an RPG. While you can still capture Pokemon with Pokeballs and battle Pokemon you encounter, it plays much differently from their usual games. The Direct showed players rolling and sneaking around, an interesting mechanic for a Pokemon game. 


This game takes place in the Sinnoh region when "Pokemon roamed as they pleased" and lived freely. The harsh environment is different from what players might remember of the Sinnoh region since this takes place well before those games. In this era, people have started to journey to Sinnoh from all over to learn more about the land.


Your goal is to build the very first Pokedex. The game will also explore the legendary Pokemon Arceus, as you learn how this Pokemon shaped the world you're in. 


I personally loved the Pokemon Presents because of the game variety. It looks like there will be a new game for just about every fan. From taking breathtaking photos of Pokemon to discovering ancient legends in an RPG, it's definitely an innovative time for the Pokemon series. 

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