[LCK Today] Gen.G extends their match win streak to four; AF dominates KT to continue their climb in the standings

On Feb. 26th, day 27 of the 2021 LCK Spring split came to its conclusion. In the first match of the day, Gen.G defeated Fredit BRION 2-0 to extend their match win streak to four.


In game 1, in order to take a favorable lane match-up in the top lane, Fredit BRION picked Gnar after banning Gangplank and Camille. However, the plan backfired, as Gen.G’s top laner, Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee managed to counter the Gnar on Irelia. He continued to get solo kills on Yoon “Hoya” Yong-ho’s Gnar, and with Gen.G getting huge advantages in the mid lane during the mid-game, Gen.G was up 1-0.


However, in the bot lane, Fredit BRION fought back and landed a critical hit on Gen.G. Park “Hena” Jeung-hwan was able to get a lot of kills on Tristana early, then was able to carry the teamfights that followed. However, after Gen.G dropped a game, their game plan changed in game 3. They decided to hit their brakes, avoid unnecessary fights, and outscale Fredit BRION. In the end, Um “UmTi” Sang-hyeon’s Skarner proved to be useless, and Gen.G closed out the series 2-1.

Image via Afreeca Freecs 

In the second game of the day, game 1 between Afreeca Freecs and kt Rolster was an odd game to watch. Afreeca Freecs had a sizable lead until the mid-game, but Bae “Bang” Jun-sik’s Tristana getting caught out around the 23 minute mark made it seem as if KT found their footing to come back into the game. However, AF pressured Baron straight after, and with KT losing a 5 vs 4 teamfight, AF quickly destroyed KT’s nexus and led the series 1-0.


Game 2 was blown wide open from very early on. In the first teamfight for the Rift Herald, AF not only stole the Rift Herald from KT, they also won the teamfight that followed. In that process, Bang’s Kai’Sa was able to get a lot of kills for himself. As a desperation move, KT decided to sneak the Baron Nashor, but AF was able to easily thwart KT’s plan for a quick game 2 victory.


2021 LCK Spring split day 26 results

Gen.G 2 - 1 Fredit BRION

Afreeca Freecs 2 - 0 kt Rolster

2021 LCK Spring split standings

1st DWG KIA 10-1 (+14)

2nd Gen.G 8-3 (+11)

3rd DRX 7-3 (+2)

4th Hanwha Life Esports 6-4 (+1)

5th T1 6-5 (+4)

6th kt Rolster 5-6 (-1)

7th Afreeca Freecs 4-7 (-2)

8th NS RedForce 3-8 (-8)

9th Fredit BRION 3-8 (-9)

10th Liiv SANDBOX (-12)

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