kt Rolster Smeb: “I feel much better now. Thank you for supporting me all the time.”

On the 31st day of the 2017 LCK Spring Split (March 14th), kt rolster won against Jin Air Green Wings 2-1. kt Rolster may have lost the first set, but did not let Jin Air take another set. kt was amazing at snowballing and stealing Baron, and have successfully marked their 10th victory of the Season.

Below is the post-match interview with Kyung-ho “Smeb” Song, who showed the most impressive gameplay today with a variety of champs.

How do you feel about winning today?

I feel really happy. We usually lose the match if we lose the first set, but that wasn’t the case today. I’m especially happy about that.

So did you think that you are going to lose the match after you lost the first set?

Not right after we lost, but after our one of our coaches told us about the pattern. I think we lost the first set because our team composition wasn’t effective in lanes.

This could bring a good change in the team’s mood after you’ve lost against SKT T1 twice in a row.

After our defeat against SKT T1 and the close match against bbq Olivers, I thought maybe this is it for us. But we’re in a good mood again and cheering each other up.

PawN had a hard time against Vladimir today. Why didn’t you ban Vladimir?

We didn’t think about banning Vladimir until today’s match. Now that we know Vladimir can be hard to deal with, we will give our feedbacks to our coaches.

You played Mid Talon in the second set, which is not a popular pick.

PawN loves Talon and is really good with him. He can definitely show you a skilled Talon. Of course, we have to take team composition into consideration, but Talon can be used with any champs.

The third round was especially exciting to watch. How did it go for you?

I thought we could easily win, but I panicked when I made a mistake during the Baron fight. A big thanks to Score for stealing that Baron!

You have matchups every other day. Aren’t you feeling a bit tired? Also, you will be playing against Samsung Galaxy soon.

I actually like it when I have one match after another. I wish I can do well in the matchup against Samsung and enjoy my vacation.

It seems like Seong-jin “Cuvee” Lee (Samsung) is not playing as well as he did last year.

So am I. We both need to cheer up.

Any last words?

I haven’t been feeling well recently and didn’t show a satisfactory level of performance. I know our fans have been worried so much, but I feel much better now. Thank you for supporting me all the time and I hope you will continue to support us.

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