4Conner quits Twitch after leak of racist and sexist messages

Source: 4Conner

Twitch Streamer 4Conner quit Twitch and deactivated his social media accounts following the leak of 36 screenshots of his 
Discord chat logs on February 20th.


The leak showed that the streamer had sent a wide wide variety of racist, sexist, and homophobic messages over the past few years. The screenshots also showed that the streamer had posted white supremacist memes and posed with confederate flags.


The problematic messages date back as far as 2017 and were posted as recently as June of 2020. 


Discord screenshots reveal racist, sexist comments


The screenshots included here only represent a handful of the 36 screenshots contained in the leak.


The following screenshots contain content that some people may find upsetting.













4Conner apologizes and quits Twitch


4Conner took to Twitch on Saturday to apologize for his memes and messages.


"In my head, it was all jokes. I never meant any serious harm to anyone mentals," the streamer said. "What I said was very bad. And at the end of the day, I was being racist, I was being transphobic, I was being homophobic, I was being antisemitic."



The streamer claimed that he left the Discord in which the racist messages were sent a while ago and called the group "too edgy".  4Conner concluded his apology stream by announcing that he will be leaving Twitch. He also deactivated his Twitter account, functionally leaving social media.

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