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Longzhu Gaming Fly: "If my teammates back me up, I can play any champ."


On March 14th, Longzhu Gaming won against bbq Olivers 2-1 in the first matchup of Day 31 LCK Spring Split, breaking its long losing streak.

Yong-jun “Fly” Song did not show an excellent performance in the beginning, but led the team to victory with Taliyah in the end.

Below is the post-match press interview with Yong-jun “Fly” Song of Longzhu Gaming.

How does it feel to break a losing streak and win?

It really feels great. We had a 3-game losing streak but finally, we were able to win today.

But what happened on Round 2? You made some notable mistakes. We’ve heard you were doing great on practice games.

You should take that with a grain of salt, I guess. We didn’t get enough chance to practice with the top tier teams, but we did okay against the other teams.

What things have you tried to control your thoughts before the match?

I watched Crayon Shin-chan to calm my mind a bit. We weren’t the happiest team in the LCK since we were on a losing streak. Well, to be honest, I’m the one who made everyone feel blue. But I tried really hard to feel better.

You didn’t get to play your favorite champions, even though they weren’t banned.

If my teammates can back me up, I can play any champion. Also, it is hard for me to win laning phase when I play Aurelion Sol or Taliyah.

Some people are worried that you and Crash can’t play as a team recently.

Crash seems depressed since we haven’t won any matches recently. It looks like he lost confidence in himself, and he doesn’t play as aggressive as he used to do. Maybe that makes people think that Crash and I can’t play as a team very well. I hope Crash can rebuild his confidence and be our shotcaller again.

You will be playing against the top tier teams. Would you like to say anything about that?

I will devote myself to our remaining matches and win. We are not the team that is easy to defeat when we play as a team.

Any last words?

We’ve gone through many hardships, but we never gave up. I really want to thank our coaches for supporting us. We got nothing to lose, so we will try our best to win.


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