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Samsung Galaxy loses a set score for Intentional Disconnection



Samsung Galaxy has lost a set score due to their second ‘Intentional Disconnection’.

On March 14th (KST), Riot Games announced (Link in Korean) that they will penalize SSG with a Caution based on Clause of the LCK ruleset, which states that the teams may be penalized if they commit Intentional Disconnection without a valid reason.

In case the term 'Intentional Disconnection' is unclear, it is best explained in the NA LCS ruleset as "A player losing connection to the game due to the player’s actions (i.e. quitting the game). Any actions of a player which leads to a disconnection shall be deemed intentional, regardless of the actual intent of the player."

The penalty was given due to Jaehyuk “Ruler” Park’s disconnection just before Game 2 of the match between SSG and Longzhu Gaming concluded. Ruler later apologized on his Facebook page, saying: "I am sorry for disappointing everyone by disconnecting. I will not make this mistake ever again."

Unfortunately for SSG, the team already received a Caution due to an Intentional Disconnection from Ruler back in January, so it was inevitable that a harsher penalty would follow. In the end, as the penalty has been escalated to a Warning, the team was forced to lose a set point in the standings.

This article has been edited to clarify that the penalty is not related to the LCS ruleset at all, and that the LCS ruleset was used as a reference to explain what 'Intentional Disconnection' is. We'd like to apologize for any confusion caused by the original sentence.


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