VALORANT Go Volume 1 anime-themed skin line is inspired by fan art

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VALORANT developers offered a sneak peek of their new anime-themed skin line, VALORANT Go Volume 1. 


The bright and bold weapon skins feature one of five agents on the side of a gun that the developers feel best showcases them. Each agent is depicted in a cartoonish way with neon colors and anime-inspired features. 


"We really wanted to capture the characters and wanted to make sure their personality came through, since this was our first time representing them in a different style," Riot developers said on the most recent episode of YoutTube show HITSCAN. 



What's really unique about these skins is that, no matter which direction you look at the weapon, the image never distorts. Developers made a conscious effort to figure this out, despite all the guns' complex shapes, angles, and bends. They didn't want the images to be slapped on like a sticker, which would cause them to warp. 


The images are so present and thought-out, in fact, that you can even see the agent's face when you aim down the weapon's sights. Basically, the agents are always "watching you," the developers joked. But more importantly, the artwork is ever-present. 


"We wanted it to be as if you were looking through the weapon as if it's a canvas, looking into another world. In a lot of first-person games, the details have to be placed in strategic ways because of the way the weapon is constructed, like the texture or shape. We bypassed that. It's just a beautiful piece of art and we're using the weapon to display that," Riot developers explained. 




Because the skin is supposed to be basically art-on-a-gun there are no variants for the weapons. But to make up for that, the bundle comes with one of each weapon, spray, card, and gun buddy. And the gun buddies are basically worth every penny alone. 


The gun buddies are chibi versions of each agent in the VALORANT Go collection. Developers admitted they were inspired by the VALORANT community who continuously draw the agents in this style. 


"We wanted to fulfill the fantasy of how these players saw the agents. We wanted to express the agents in this way, inspired by fan art from the players," VALORANT devs told HITSCAN. 




The VALORANT Go skin line is coming to Riot's tactical shooter in the next update. You can expect to see Reyna, Killjoy, Cypher, Sage, and then Jett on the melee weapon. The knife is inspired by Jett's ultimate, Blade Storm. This is definitely a highly-anticipated skin line that celebrates not only some of VALORANT's most popular agents, but the fan art players have created in honor of those agents. 

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