Teamfight Tactics patch 11.4 scheduled to be one of the largest in the game's history

▲ Cho'Gath is just one of the numerous champions receiving balance changes. Images via Riot


While the changes are tentative, the Teamfight Tactics' development team is preparing one of the largest balance patches in the game's history. Announced on the game's official Twitter account, patch 11.4, set to go live on February 18, features changes to more than 20 champions, traits, and items.


In order to shake up the current Teamfight Tactics: Fates meta and provide a healthier playing experience for those across the world who are enjoying Set 4.5, the team felt it was necessary to aggressively attack problematic champions, traits, items, and mechanics. 


In the shared graphic, players can put their development hats on and speculate what may be changing and why.



Without spending too much time analyzing the image, it's apparent that the development team feels that Warlords and Divine as a Trait and the units themselves are an issue that needs addressing. Nidalee and Wukong in particular, if given the right items early and rerolled, can carry the early and mid-game and act as solid item holders for better units as the game progresses.


Speaking of one cost champions, Yasuo, Fiora and Diana are tentatively receiving nerfs as well. What has been happening of late is that players are rerolling Chosen champions they receive in the game's early shops and riding that to victory. That strategy isn't one the development team is a fan of so they'll likely lower the power level of those one-cost champion's stats when three-starred.


A couple of other tentative changes that stand out are that the development team isn't happy where four-cost champions are right now as Talon, Tryndamere, Olaf and Cho'Gath are set to receive buffs. Sunfire Cape, when slammed on a champion early, is too powerful an item and the Fabled trait isn't quite hitting the mark quite yet.


The Chosen system is listed as being reworked in the graphic and it will be interesting to see if what was being tested on the Public Beta Environment over the last week ends up going live. On the PBE, players who did not possess a Chosen champion had one offered to them at the start of every natural shop until they picked one up.

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