5 unexpected raid moments in World of Warcraft: Classic

▲ Bring 40 people into a room to kill a dragon -- what could go wrong?

The original World of Warcraft created raids to be the ultimate end-game content for guilds looking to test their might. Players either loved the idea of gathering 40 people and asking them to commit 8+ hours for a small chance at loot or resented the time commitment, optimization, and out-of-game organization raids required.


As subsequent World of Warcraft expansions was released, raids were toned down to more manageable groups and the requirements for costly consumable items and mandatory resist gear were eliminated. The 40-player format was gone and raids scaled in difficulty through complex mechanics that tested players in a variety of ways.

As players return to enjoy World of Warcraft: Classic's nearly 14-year-old raid content, so do the familiar sounds of 40 guildmates collectively groaning wipe after wipe. Grab your world buffs and stock up on potions -- here are 5  entertaining raid moments in Classic.


Free loot boss!

Black Wing Lair is many guilds' first true test of perseverance and raid coordination. While Molten Core can feel like a marathon, Black Wing Lair is more like a sprint where one wrong step can send your entire raid back to the graveyard in a matter of seconds.

In this fight against Ebeonroc, an experienced guild shrugs off the encounter as "free loot", only to wipe disastrously due to an off-tank being just ever-so-slightly out of position.

Ahh, Classic. Never change.



Tank lives, but at what cost?

Burning Adrenaline is a fun debuff given by the second boss in Black Wing Lair, Vaelastrasz the Corrupt. It makes all of your abilities instant cast at the cost of eventually killing you in an epic explosion.

Seasons guilds have strategies that allow DPS classes to take advantage of the buff and not wipe the raid, but we can't fault any guild for wiping to this. Protip: when your tanking Vaelastrasz, leave your Hearthstone in the bank.

One man in a dress with a hammer

Paladins are the black-sheep classic of Classic. Designed to be a jack-of-all-trades plate wearing melee spellcaster, the reality of their gameplay is a bit underwhelming. Doomed to buff raids constantly while healing everything in sight, Paladins aren't the class you think of when you imagine legendary raid moments

But, on this fateful day, one paladin emerged a hero. The guild's reaction to this clutch play is priceless. GG, Paladin. You earned your Mage water this raid.

130 HP left...

Kel'Thuzad is the last boss of Naxxramas and among the most challenging bosses in Classic. Killing Kel'Thuzad is a huge milestone for any raiding guild, which makes this next moment so tragic.

Imagine leaving one of the hardest bosses in the game alive with only 130 hp left? Quite literally, even the smallest increase to any number of the raids DPS would have made the difference between an epic victory and stunning defeat. I'd hate to be the Rogue that forgot to apply poisons after this stunning wipe

The Mage that wanted aggro

When a tank dies in the middle of a fight, there isn't much left to do but pray and scramble. It is moments like these that individual player decisions are of vital importance, as it takes mere seconds for a boss to decimate a raid.

In The Four Horsemen encounter, raids must tank 4 bosses at once and keep them safely away from the squishy players in the middle of the room. Watch below how a quick-thinking Mage continues to DPS aggressively despite the fact that their tank just. Purposefully pulling aggro, the Mage then blinks into the tank position, stalling long enough for a Warrior to pick up aggro and continue the fight.

Smooth decision!


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