Udyr returned to competitive play after 5 years, but is he here to stay?

Source: Riot Games


It has been two weeks since Udyr’s return to the LCK. While many fans rejoiced at the fact that this seemingly outdated champion returned after 1,799 days of absences, it didn’t take long until he was accepted as, “Oh, Udyr’s meta now?” But how did Udyr perform in competitive leagues around the world?


Across the four major regions (LCK, LPL, LEC, LCS), Udyr has been picked a total of 68 times, with a ban rate 16.4%. These stats describe Udyr as more of a situational choice rather than a meta pick that can be drafted blind like Taliyah and Olaf.


The LCS holds the record for the highest Udyr pick rate with 13. With LCS having only played the Lock In tournament, which has fewer sets than other regions, it shows that North American players put Udyr higher on the tier list with a 27.5% pick rate in the LCS alone. By comparison, LCK is at 21.9% pick rate (12 games) and LPL is at 15.2% (10 games)


His total W/L record, however, isn’t as great as many would hope it to be. Udyr holds a total of 38.2% winrate (26-42), very far from the desired 50% mark. Compared to meta picks such as Olaf (56%), Taliyah (65%), and Graves (44%), Udyr’s performance record is lacking.


Then, the question becomes "Who’s the player that had the most success with Udyr?" The jungler for Team Liquid, Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen stands at the top of the list, as not only does he have an undefeated record (3-0), but he also has 8.8 KDA on Udyr. The jungler for DRX, Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon, is also undefeated on Udyr (2-0), with an 8.7 KDA, while the jungler for DWG KIA, Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu, holds a record of 2-2 with a 7.5 KDA.


Udyr is scheduled for a nerf in patch 11.3, where the aura damage from his R will be nerfed from 50-300 >>> 50-250. However, not only is this a nerf small enough to ignore, it does not affect his early jungle clear, so it looks like Udyr is looking to continue being picked until further changes.

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