Fanart Friday: League of Legends Redesign Poll

Three weeks ago, Riot presented five champions that fans could vote on to receive a much-needed update. Now, like a less-cringey “The Bachelor,” gamers get to vote on which champion should get the rose. The poll included Nocturne, Quinn, Shyvana, Skarner, and Udyr, and the winner will be announced in coming weeks.

While Riot has pointed out how the kit will change for each character, we’re going to point out the amazing fan art that each character has received so far. You know. Like we do.


First up is this downtrodden Nocturne from DeviantArt user inkinesss. I get it, Nocturne, I’d be sad if I splurged for some nice kicks and then remembered I didn’t have feet as well. Plus, the store only buys back at 70%; what a rip! I love the storybook illustrative style of this piece, and its simplicity really helps drive home the comedy of the situation. Also, a great job is done with the subtle blue lighting, allowing definition within Nocturne’s nightmarish form. 

On the opposite side of detailed work is this insanely-sculpted statuette from NikeMonsterTub. One can check out the sculpting process through a variety of shots, but the finished product is a stunning, McFarlane-esque horror. Tendrils of smoke rise from shattered wreckage, embracing a malicious set of armor. Very well done. 



The best Quinn skin is definitely Corsair, and this brushy art from Darynian cements my belief. I love the textures that the artist was able to create, with truly different feels across skin, leather, metal, and hair. There’s a bluish/putty color that is used for highlights in this painting that is super-effective, and I love the choice as it brings out the richness of the opposing colors without making you feel like you’re in a rave. 

Wouldn’t be a Fan Art Friday without some cosplay, and this Heartseeker Quinn by

FiepiblossomCosplay made it into todays! The work on the gauntlets and weapon really stand out in this craft, and I also appreciate the golden feathering details on the wings. While Valor received a “bit” less attention, the obvious fake lends a level of camp to the costume that I can enjoy. 



If Shyvana crossed over into the JoJo universe, this would be the character design I would want to see. Leather, jewels, cap, MORE JEWELS. I mean, seriously, Antilous did an amazing job with this reimagining, and I would be lying if I said this artwork didn’t influence my vote for the rework. The gilded dragon claws alone are enough to make this piece incredible, but the transformed version of the champion in the background is chef’s kiss. 

Everyone deserves a break, and this fan art of a casual champion with a cozy cuppa cocoa is a delightful escape from the Summoner’s Rift. DeviantArt artist fever-sea does an excellent job of rendering Shyvana, pulling her hair back in some loose braids, and donning a comfy (yet trendy) off-the shoulder sweater, scarf, and shorts combo. Well done!



Wow. Um. This is bonkers.
This absolutely mad origami / paper version of Skarner was created with over 1700 individual pieces of paper, and doesn’t have a DROP of glue in it. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything quite like this piece from frecmenta, but I’m excited to see more. 

How does one cosplay a space scorpion of doom? Downfall-cosplay has a pretty good idea! This fun cosplay has a ton of work put into, from the meticulously painted armored scales to the deadly tail swinging forward. There weren’t many cosplays of this champion, but I really enjoyed this one!



When you think of Udyr, you think of that hair—the mane‚—and artist Lighane does not disappoint. In this chibi-styled marker piece, Spirit Guard Udyr is perfectly illustrated, luxurious hair floating as the primal spirit rests behind them. A wonderful attention to contrast helps give a graphic/sticker feel to the jungler, focusing attention on their intense face. 

Finally, let’s get spooky with this absolutely terrifying reimagining of the champion by Chenthooran. With one hand ending in talon-like claws, the other arm appears to be wrapped to the shoulder with a tiger skin. Gore drips from the characters maw, and red and violet foliage bursts from their collar like an explosion of blood. This Udyr is INTENSE and I love it. I definitely lost myself going through the artist’s other reimagings. Perhaps something for a future Fan Art Friday?

Want more fan art around these champions as we wait to hear will get the rework? Check out the

full gallery here! As always, follow us on social @invenglobal and @ggmatt and let us know what franchises, characters, or themes you'd like to see fan art of! Thanks for reading! 

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