KT Doran: "Solo queue is the mode that’s all about becoming more proficient on different champions."

On Jan. 28th, kt Rolster defeated DRX 2-0 on day 12 of the 2021 LCK Spring split. The top laner for KT, Choi “Doran” Hyun-joon, was named the Player of the Game (PoG) for his performance in game 2, as he demonstrated just how scary Aatrox can be in teamfights.


Following the match, Doran joined Inven in an interview to talk about the match.

You previously stated that you really wanted to beat DRX.


Oh, I really wanted to beat them because they were my former team. Also, Pyosik taunted me before the match, so I wanted to get back at him. It wasn’t anything personal, and I didn’t feel anything other than happy that we won.


From your experience, what kind of a player is Pyosik?


He has a very amiable personality, and is someone that sets a bright mood for the team. He practices very hard, and is very responsible in many different ways.


Your former teammates are all performing well in different teams. How do you feel when you watch them do well elsewhere?


It’s great to see them all be successful. I’m very happy for them.


While you looked great in lane, your performance in teamfights were even better. What’s the secret behind doing so well on so many different champions?


Teamfighting is something that you need to practice a lot to improve. I started reading the flow of the game around teamfighting, and it feels like I’ve broadened my sense of vision in the game. While there are players that are naturally talented, I had to practice a lot to really understand. That’s why there were moments where I died at the beginning of teamfights.


You’re a player who’s known to play a lot of solo queue. However, because solo queue and competitive play is so different, many doubt the efficiency of solo queue practice.


I try to play as much solo queue as I can. While there are clear differences between the two, solo queue serves as great practice in mastering different champions. Solo queue is the mode that’s all about becoming more proficient on different champions.


Each team has a different atmosphere. Can you tell us how it’s like at KT?


Everyone is bright, and is motivated to become better. While it’s sometimes loud and hectic, the atmosphere is great overall.


After you beat T1 in your last match, you remained very composed. Is there a reason why you weren’t as ecstatic about the victory as your teammates?


Although we did win, I knew that I made a lot of mistakes, so thinking about all of them didn’t really excite me. Against T1, I made a lot of laning mistakes, as well as missing skillshots and poor positioning. I kept thinking about those mistakes.


Your next matchup is against Nongshim RedForce. In your opinion, what kind of a player is Lee “Rich” Jae-won?


He’s someone that’s very aggressive in lane. My job will be shutting down his aggressiveness.


Lastly, a word to your fans.


Thank you for always supporting KT. We’ll make sure to win again in the next match.

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