Free educational program aims to develop an esports ecosystem in Africa


Afrika Esports Series organizers announced the launch of a free of charge esports educational program taking place on February 15th.

The course is designed for those interested in computer games, the esports industry,  and people who would like to start their career in competitive gaming. This course will also be useful for educators looking for an innovative approach to education and improving their students' performance.


Comment from Ignant BobrovichVP of WeSCO and founder of Passport.GG

"This is an international, social and absolutely free of charge project, in which recognized experts from all over the world take part, particularly from the USA, Japan, France, Norway. I am very grateful to everyone who supported our initiative. This is admirable!"


The project is absolutely free and designed so that participants can understand the basics of the esports and further develop their skills.


The educational program includes:

- Esports events overview

- Esports talent representation

- Grassroots Esports

- Benefits and Implementing Esports in Schools,

- Organizing a professional esports competition

- Why and who can raise funds in esports?

- Esports business ecosystem

- and many others.

All classes will be held online, in 2 languages ​​- English and French. Anyone can
register for the course. The project is hosted on, a platform that connects gamers, esports organizations and communities in one place. With the help of a unique Gamer ID, players have the opportunity to declare themselves in the world of esports, take part in events and ratings, receive discounts from partners and sponsors, as well as develop their careers and compare their progress with other players around them.

The program starts on February 15.


You can find more information about speakers, class schedules and programs on the website! 


About the Organizers


WeSCO is an international non-for-profit organization. Their mission is to improve the esports industry and promote it globally in the light of its unifying, educational, cultural and humanitarian values, particularly through youth and development programs.


Enter Africa is a creative African organization that exists to enhance the living conditions of African people by creating a strong gaming ecosystem that represents African culture and re-imagines African futures. Enter Africa's overall objective is to create a continent-wide esports community-building platform using existing and widely exercised pastime esports games.


Esports.NGO is a not-for-profit organization. They believe that esports is an integral part of the present and will become even more important in the future.  Their mission is to promote diversity, equal opportunities, inclusiveness via esports in search of improvements in education and physical activities -- all while creating a sustainable esports ecosystem around the globe.

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