[LCK Today] DK gets back on feet with sweep over AF, NS shuts out BRO


On Jan. 23, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring Split, both games ended in 2-0 as DWG KIA swept Afreeca Freecs and Nongshim RedForce shut out Fredit BRION.


In the first match, DWG KIA and Afreeca Freecs fought fiercely. They each traded kills around the Rift. Heo “ShowMaker” Su’s Syndra was able to make a big difference in mid lane, but Kim “Kiin” Gi-in’s Gangplank was also much ahead of his opponent. The fights went on with the two teams taking benefits and losses, but when Song "Fly" Yong-jun's Orianna was cut off at the 33-minute mark, DWG KIA didn't make any more mistakes. They were able to finish the game.


Game 2 was also full of fights. Afreeca Freecs had a better start as they took first blood and collected more kills, but it couldn't be said that DWG KIA was trailing too much. The top and jungle were much ahead in CS and they still were leading in global gold. After DWG KIA stopped Afreeca Freecs' Baron, they collected an Ace and succeeded to take the win.



Fredit BRION and Nongshim RedForce faced each other in the second game. While Fredit BRION played around objectives, Nongshim RedForce collected many kills in the bot lane. The two teams macro was headed in different directions. The game result came from the last big teamfight. Nongshim RedForce fought fiercely and denied the dragon's soul. At the end, Seo "deokdam" Dae-gil's Kai'Sa dealt explosive damage and Nongshim RedForce was able to take the first game.


Nongshim RedForce snowballed quickly in game 2. They collected four kills in the early game and maintained their lead well. Fredit BRION tried to catch up by taking some kills, but every time the two teams skirmished, Nongshim RedForce took more benefits. Lee "Rich" Jae-won's Gragas and Park "Bay" Jun-byeong's Zoe led the later teamfights and Nongshim RedForce collected their second win.



2021 LCK Spring Split Jan. 23 Results


Afreeca Freecs 0 : 2 DWG KIA

Fredit BRION 0 : 2 Nongshim RedForce


2021 LCK Spring Split Standings


1st Gen.G 3-0 (+5)

2nd DWG KIA 3-1 (+3)

3rd DRX 3-1 (+2)

4th Hanwha Life Esports 2-1 (+1)

5th Nongshim RedForce 2-2 (0)

6th kt Rolster 1-2 (-1)

6th T1 1-2 (-1)

8th Liiv SANDBOX 1-3 (-2)

9th Afreeca Freecs 1-3 (-3)

10th Fredit BRION 1-3 (-4)

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