Segway's light-weight Ninebot ES1L brings quality and value to the electric scooter market

▲ The visual design of the Ninebot ES1L eKickScooter is clean and sleek.

Electronic scooters are a city staple across the United States and abroad.  People love riding them for fun and many have adopted electronic scooters as their preferred method of local transportation. Most people's experience with eScooters is through rented ones and, as far as consumer experiences go, it leaves a lot to be desired.

For one, the urgency of  Covid-19 safety measures makes sharing public scooters a health risk that isn't worth the convenience. Secondly, even the cleanest rentable scooters still exist in a state of permanent wear and tear, turning the smoothness and reliability of the ride into a coin-toss. For this and other reasons, a massive secondary market of personally eScooters have entered the market

Among them, Segway's consumer line of scooters is leading the pack. I got my hands on their Ninebot ES1L model eKickScooter ($449.99) and it's become a staple part of my weekly transportation routine.  When it's too far to walk, but close enough that driving feels wasteful, I've come to enjoy a more sustainable, fun alternative.

Lightweight yet rugged

Here are the key features of the Ninebot ES1L:


•  24 pounds -- easy to carry.

•  One-click folding mechanism

•  220 lbs max. payload

•  Front electric and rear foot brake.

•  Front shock absorber spring

•  Premium lithium-ion Battery

•  12.4 mph (20km/h) Top Speed

•  12.4 miles (20km) Max. Range

•  2.5W Bright Anti-glareHeadlights

•  3,000-hour battery lifespan.


In addition, there are 3 different modes that allow you to use your battery power strategically:

▲ With the push of a button, you can adjust modes and turn on the eScooters headlight.

Safety Mode

Longer Range / Top Speed: 9.3mph / 12.4 miles range

Standard Mode
Better Riding Experience / Top Speed: 12.4mph / A Good Balance of Speed and Range

Sports Mode
Full Speed Ahead / Quick Start, Full power, Smoothers Inclines


Another cool feature is the Ninebots regenerative brake system. Just like an electric vehicle, the scooter collects energy from whenever you break and distributes it back to the motor when you want to accelerate again. This makes riding the ES1L feel zippy and quick -- a big selling point for experienced riders. 

When I first started riding the ES1L, I was pleased with how much room there was for my feet. The aluminum-alloy body is lightweight, but thanks to solid rubber tires, the ride feels smooth. The 2.4-mile distance range is impressive for such a lightweight model and after weeks of riding, I rarely had to ever consider whether or not I was going to run out of battery. 

▲ The ample room for my feet and easy to touch back-foot brake among my favorite features.


Charging the scooter is as simple as charging a laptop, so riders can also plan to charge upon reaching their destination for more mileage. 

Is a personal eScooter right for you?

At $449.99, the Ninebot ES1L is one of Segways' more affordable models that really does deliver on the promise of improving the consumer eScooter experience. If you had never ridden an electric scooter before, I can safely recommend the ES1l as an ideal beginner's choice. The affordable price-tag doesn't mean you are losing power or longevity and the aluminum-alloy body is much lighter than its competitors. Being easy to carry is a strong selling point, especially if you are looking at an electric scooter for a simple solution to work or school commutes.

If you need an electric scooter for simple commutes or just want to zip around the city for fun, this is the one to purchase.  Segway is leading the eScooter game by offering different options for different types of riders without sacrificing core features that make riding an eScooter fun in the first place.

The reason the Ninebot ES1L scores highly across the board isn't because it is the most powerful scooter Segway has to offer (the KickScooter Max has that covered), but because it is the ideal coalescence between value and quality.  The fact that it looks good while doing it is just bonus points.

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