HLE Deft on facing his former team: "I did hope Pyosik would do well in the match too."

▲ Source: Hanwha Life Esports


On the 16th, Hanwha Life Esports defeated DRX in the 2021 LCK Spring Split. It was the team’s first win of the season. Although it was a close 2-1 match, Hanwha Life Esports managed to come out on top. In the match, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu played Miss Fortune, Kai’Sa, and Samira to contribute to the team’s win.



How do you feel about today’s win?


Our performance wasn’t that good. If we had a losing streak, the team atmosphere could have gone down, but I’m happy that it didn’t.

It wasn’t an easy game against DRX, your former team. How did you prepare for the match?


It wasn’t especially different from preparing for other teams, but I did hope Pyosik would do well in the match too.

You were standing before the game started. How’s your back?


It isn’t that bad, but I was standing just to make sure it’s alright.

You said that your performance wasn’t that good. What went wrong?


There weren’t that many mechanical mistakes for me in the first two games, but there were a few in game 3. I made mistakes in the early game, so it was difficult to get back to senses, but my teammates helped me out.

Samira, Aphelios, and Kai’Sa seem to be the top tier ADCs. How do you think the tier is in bot lane?


Kai’Sa feels good against any champion. As for Samira or Aphelios could be countered if picked first. In that matter, I think Kai’Sa is the best.

You’re playing with Vsta in bot lane. How is he?


Vsta plays very well aggressively. If we improve our stability, we’ll get much better.

How high is the team synergy?


I think that could be evaluated when our individual prowess comes up.

Your next match is against kt Rolster. This time, it’s against another former teammate, Doran.


Doran is also a good player and I hope he does well, but we’ll take the win.

Any last comments?


We did win, but there are a lot of things to fix. I’ll work hard to show better performances.

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