T1 Clozer: "The moment I locked in Irelia, I thought that we’ll be able to win."


On the first day of the 2020 LCK Spring Split, T1 defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2-1. From before the match started, many fans were surprised by the starting lineup which was consisted of Canna-Ellim-Clozer-Gumayusi-Keria. The young lineup proved why they were selected as the starting members of opening day by winning through their aggressive playstyle. After their win, Lee “Clozer” Ju-hyeon joined Inven Global for an interview.



Congratulations on the win. How do you feel winning on opening day?


I was really nervous because I was playing on opening day. I’m happy that I overcame the nervousness and won the match.

How did you overcome your nervousness?


[Laughs] Actually, the other players were all really nervous. I thought that since everyone was nervous, I need to be calmer. As we played, the nervousness went away little by little.

Who was the most nervous?


Gumayusi was really nervous. He was asking Keria to hug him [Laughs].

What was your main focus while preparing for the new season?


I tried to widen my champion pool and studied laning so that I wouldn’t fall behind.

Many people were surprised by the starting lineup today. What was the reason?


I think it was formed this way to show our vigor and aggressiveness.

Did Daeny say that when he brought today’s starting lineup?


Daeny likes to play aggressively so he asked us to play strong.

What did the coaching staff ask of you before today’s game?


They told me not to be nervous, to be myself, and play well.

How are you getting along with Keria? You’re about the same age.


Keria is an interesting person. His performance is really great as I expected. We’re getting along quite well.

There are three junglers in T1’s roster. How is it playing with three junglers?


Since there are several people, each of them has different styles, so it’s fun to play with them. Oner is really aggressive and Cuzz likes to make a perfect win. Ellim is in between the two.

You played Zoe again today. Since your debut, you’ve played Zoe in half of the games you played.


Zoe is a champion that’s consistently good. She didn’t get nerfed much. I’ve always been confident in playing her. I think she’s a good champion.

You finally played Irelia in an official match. You’ve been saying that you’d like to play Irelia in an official game. How was it?


As much as Irelia is the champion that I’m the most confident in, the moment I locked in Irelia, I thought that we’ll be able to win. The fact that I was playing Irelia made me confident and calm. My performance on her also went well as I thought so I’m very satisfied.

How would you rate your performance?


I’d say 5 out of 10. I feel that I wasn’t able to play as well as usual -- maybe because it was opening day. I wasn’t quite as nervous as today last summer, but I didn’t do well enough because of the nervousness. I returned to myself in the third game.

You’re now in your second year as a pro gamer. Is there anything that you’d like to accomplish this year?


I’d like to play as many games as I can this year and show good performances all the time. I want to be recognized as a good mid laner.

Any last comments?


There are a lot of fans that cheer for us. Thank you for all your support. I’ll continue to do my best so that I could show good performances. Thank you!

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