GEN Rascal: "Khan and I are the oldest top laners. I hope we both do well to change the thoughts about the older players."

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The 2020 LCK Spring Split has commenced. The first match was between Gen.G and kt Rolster where Gen.G took a clean 2-0 win. From the first game, Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee collected five solo kills playing Camille and led his team to the first win of the season. His performance in game 2 was quite impressive as well. After the match, Rascal joined Inven Global for an interview.



Congrats on winning the opening match. How do you feel?


I always thought the first match of the season is really important. I feel good that we had a clean victory.

What did you focus on the most while preparing for this season?


Personally, it wasn’t different from any other season. As for our team, we tried to improve our team macro.

As much as Gen.G has the same starting lineup as last year, it must have been more convenient.


Since we’ve spent a whole year together, we know about each other much more and how we feel. That made things more positive in terms of feedback. It was convenient as we knew each other’s styles already.

The LPL started a bit earlier than the LCK. Was it helpful in preparing for today?


I did watch all the games, but the champion tiers were a bit different from what we had in mind, so we didn’t watch too closely.

You had a great performance on Camille. What do you think of Teleport-Ignite Camille? You picked Flash today.


I’m very positive about Teleport-Ignite Camille, but I picked Flash because I had to face Gnar. If the opponent is a champion that’s worth using Ignite, I’m always ready to use it.

I’m curious about the top lane meta. The champions that appeared today were Camille, Gnar, and Renekton. Which champions could we expect to see often this season?


The top lane isn’t that different from the previous Worlds. Gnar was buffed recently so he’s appearing more often. Other players play him often as he’s become quite viable.

After KeSPA Cup, people said, “Doran’s the king of top lane without Nuguri”. How was playing against him?


I’ve always thought Doran is a good player. However, I think I was able to go ahead since I prepared better.

As a player, how does it feel after franchising? Is it much different?


Frankly, I don’t feel a big difference. Looking at other teams, they moved into different team houses and team practice facilities. Gen.G has always been known for great welfare -- everything was really good already so it isn’t that different for me.

How do you think the season would go?


Since we’ve played together for a year, I believe we can get better results than last year. I have some things I personally want to accomplish this year -- I’ve always worked hard, but I think I’ll work harder this year.

What is it that you personally want to accomplish?


After last year, a lot of players that I respect who are still really good retired. Looking at them retire, I felt sorry. They’re still really good players but the reality was different. As for me, I’m one of the older players now. Khan and I are the oldest top laners. I hope we both do well to change the thoughts about the older players.

Which teams are you looking out for?


I’m looking out for DWG KIA the most. They did win Worlds last year. Khan joined the team as well. He has a very good understanding of the team game, so he melted into the team really well. They all just simply play so well.

Any last comments?


I’d like to thank all the fans for always cheering for us. As for this year, I’d like to win the championship and conclude the year in a great mood. Thank you.

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