PACK YOUR BAGS nerfed in Legends of Runeterra balance change

▲ One K/DA-themed card is a bit too strong, says the development team. Image via Riot Games


At the end of October of last year, the Legends of Runeterra development team summoned the Riot Games' musical group, K/DA, for an in-game event called K/DA ALL OUT. During the event, players were able to receive special K/DA-themed cards for each of the group's five members that came with a special animation when played. These spells, some more powerful than others, opened the door for the possibility of more crossover events in the future as Riot Games' numerous IPs have widespread appeal.


As players have experimented with the spells over the last few months, one, in particular, has stood out from the rest due to its' overall power level. On Tuesday afternoon, the Legends of Runeterra released their first patch of the new year, 2.0, which included a single balance change to one of the most popular cards on the latter.


Designed in Evelynn's likeness, GO HARD has been a powerful swiss army knife of a card since release. The ability to deal damage, restore life to your health pool, shuffle cards into your deck and finish your foe's board (or health total) off with the PACK YOUR BAGS upgrade had helped vault the Twisted Fate GO HARD deck to one of the highest play rates and win rates in the game.


The design team has made the following change to reduce the card's overall power level:

PACK YOUR BAGS' cost is being raised from one mana to five.


The Legends of Runeterra development team released the following statement regarding the change:

"When players are able to transform Go Hard, the Pack Your Bags form frequently creates a situation which is unmanageable to play against given its board impact compared to cost. There should be a powerful payoff when players are able to successfully transform Go Hards - but it should give the opposing player more meaningful counterplay options leading up to Pack Your Bags."


Players' decks and collection will be adjusted accordingly with the balance change once their client has finished updating.

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