Auto Chess developer announces plans to make a mobile MOBA featuring striking similarities with Dota 2


Dragonest, the makers of Dota Auto Chess in 2019 — which later became a standalone game, Auto Chess — have recently announced their plans to create a mobile MOBA using the same characters and items you know and love from their auto battler. Dragonest has a number of other games, but Auto Chess is their most reputable and was the originator of the auto battler genre that brought not only Auto Chess, but Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics as well. Dragonest themselves claim that their work on Auto Chess helped them "define a brand new competitive game genre which is the auto battler as we know it."


Now, they're taking their IP and making a mobile MOBA to continue in the competitive gaming scene. In their announcement video, Dragonest calls back to their first mobile MOBA, Fight For Freedom, from 2015. They claim it did not perform well, but now that they have newfound success and more experience, they will make a new MOBA that can stand among the others available on the market.


Auto Chess was a game built on the Dota 2 client and originally used Dota 2 units and items for its chess pieces. When Valve wanted to get involved, Dragonest and Valve decided to part ways, each making its own version of the game. Valve created Dota Underlords and Dragonest simply named theirs Auto Chess, keeping all the same characters and items, but renaming them all and making some slight additions and changes otherwise. 


Now, however, the characters that originated from the Dota 2 MOBA will be in a MOBA of their own. Additionally, this Auto Chess MOBA will feature a day and night cycle that will affect the players' vision along with destructible terrain. Both of those features are previously Dota 2 classic features and part of how that game is separated from other big MOBAs currently in the scene. 


Otherwise, in their announcement, Dragonest claimed they'd be making all heroes free to play, with "no pay to win" strategies and "no stats growth outside games," in order to keep the game fair and on a level playing field for all its users regardless of money and time spent playing. You can watch their full announcement on their site linked here, or on their Twitter below.



They haven't announced a release date and admit to being early in the production, but check back here for more updates on Dragonest's progress.




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