Riot Games provides a Season 11 update on the development of Dr. Mundo's VGU


Shortly after the start of League of Legends Season 11, Riot Games published an update on the development of Dr. Mundo's VGU.  This was the second update on Dr. Mundo's VGU since its development was announced in June 2020, the first occurring in September 2020. 



In both function and form, the new Dr. Mundo is being designed to further represent his MD roots, both through the thematics of his kit and the butcher-esque style of his white clothing. New animations, including The Madman of Zaun injecting himself with various chemicals and serums, as well as a substantial physical buff to his torso upon utilizing his ultimate ability, are the most prominent changes that stand out in Dr. Mundo's VGU.


During early exploration, I wanted to lean heavily on the silliness of Mundo and have some fun seeing how goofy we could push him," Dr. Mundo VGU Team Lead Animator Drew “sandwichtown” Morgan wrote in the update.


"Part of what makes him unique is his severe dumbness, so it was fun exploring how dumb and weird he could be," continued sandwichtown. "We knew he also needed to feel dangerous though, and so the real challenge was balancing how seriously scary he could be while still being a bit of a caricature. Most of his core mechanics are meant to feel weighty and strong, but sprinkled in there are some moments of levity."


A new Dr. Mundo VGU skin concept was also teased by Riot Games in the update. Rageborn Mundo has been cosmetically re-tooled to give the skin more edge for players who'd like Mundo's berserker-esque playstyle to have a scarlet-tinged aesthetic. 



All images by: Riot Games

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