Riot Games has started developing Dr. Mundo's Visual and Gameplay Update

Image Source: Riot Games, altered by the author. 


Earlier this month, Riot Games announced that Dr. Mundo will be receiving its Visual and Gameplay Update. According to the developer team, the champion had gone too long without a proper upgrade, making him not only visually outdated but in dire need for gameplay touch up as well.


In the developer update, Riot Games said the goal is to keep Dr. Mundo a very simple champion, adding more spice to his kit, but not too much that players will end up burning themselves. Gameplay Designer Glenn “Twin Enso” Anderson says their goal is to increase Mundo’s gameplay variance as well as giving the opponents more fair counterplay. 


The gameplay is attached to the narrative. “Tone is something we are discussing a lot. Some say Mundo is a horrific serial killer, others a lovable dope, some even tell me he’s quite handsome. We think finding the right juxtaposition between the comedy and the menace of Mundo will be key. It’s going to be a wild ride, and I’m sure the design will go exactly where it wants to” said Anderson.


Image Source: Riot Games


Narrative Writer John “JohnODyin” O’Bryan says the team is very attracted to the idea of having an unstoppable psycho doctor who can’t be hurt. “‘Exactly how stupid do we want him to be?’ We thought about making him an actual doctor, perhaps someone who went mad through his own medicine, but that put him in the same crazy scientist space as Singed”, said O’Bryan. With this question in mind, the team decided to go through with the idea of making Mundo have a delusion of being a doctor for the sheer fact he lacks basic intelligence.


Summoners can expect the Dr. Mundo VGU to be released in the upcoming year. Riot Games has mentioned being willing to share steps of his development along the way.



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