Aphelios, Shurima announced as new champion, region for Legends of Runeterra

Source: Riot Games


During the Season 2021 Opening day stream, Riot Games confirmed that their digital card game Legends of Runeterra will visit the mystical desert land of Shurima as the game's newest region. Shurima will be the ninth region in the game, and the third new since launch, following Bilgewater and Targon.


Legends of Runeterra 2021 roadmap



  • January: Co-op lab
  • February: Aphelios launches
  • March: Empires of the Ascended expansion, Shurima as new region, Champion mastery
  • April: LoR Anniversary celebration event
  • May: Guardians of the Ancient expansion
  • June: Rise of the Underworlds expansion
  • July: Champion expansion, new themed event


Shurima and Aphelios in Legends of Runeterra


The Shurima mechanics, according to Riot's Jeff Jew, will be around finding buried relics and even predicting the future. The region also has plenty of iconic champions, including Azir, Nasus, Renekton, Sivir, and Taliyah, and it's likely the region will launch with some of those. 


Shurima will launch with the next expansion, a date for which was not specified beyond "early in the year". 


The Legends of Runeterra team is also changing how champions are introduced to the game, even outside of the bi-monthly expansions. The first such champions unassociated with an expansion set is Aphelios, coming to Runeterra in February. Just like in League of Legends, Aphelios' mechanic will be centered around his weapons, and according to Jew, will introduce a lot of complexity and planning into Legends of Runeterra. 


Screengrab via: Riot Games YouTube


Champion mastery and cosmetics


A new system that Riot Games are introducing to Legends of Runeterra is the so-called Champion Master. By playing champions, players will level them up, unlocking new cosmetics. 


The last pieces of updates from Jeff Jew included:


  • New seasonal tournament in February
  • The first co-op lab event


Alternative-art Maokai from Mastery leveling

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