Image reveals which League of Legends' champions could receive visual, gameplay updates next

Image via Riot Games


A leak on Wednesday afternoon may have spoiled a surprise that some League of Legends' players have been waiting on since last year (or even longer). Shared on Reddit and Twitter, a screenshot of the game's Season 11 announcement video revealed five champions that Riot Games is interested in giving visual and gameplay updates to in 2021. Shortly after the image made its' rounds online, members of the community began discussing who does and does not deserve a rework this year.


Spread out among the Jungle and top lane, Udyr, Shyvana, Quinn, Nocturne, and Skarner are the candidates that players will be able to vote on in the near future to receive a rework to their kit and visual appearance. In 2020, Fiddlesticks and Volibear received overhauls to their kits and champion designs while Dr. Mundo is expected to receive the same treatment this year as the game's development team has been sharing updates in recent months.


More information as to when players can begin voting on who should receive some quality of life changes has not been made public.

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