Overwatch League meets Seoul Dynasty: trendy casual blazer style


Overwatch League has started their offseason, but fashion inspiration from all over the world continues. For the Seoul Dynasty team, a wide range of fashion trends from South Korea served as inspiration. Matching top and bottom sets have been very popular both in men's and women's styles.


Casual Blazers are on the rise, oversized and styled as dresses that are belted or covered in straps. While there is a huge range of other popular styles in Seoul, this outfit was something different from what I have done in the past and was a style that fit Seoul Dynasty's branding perfectly.


Altering and Adding the Seoul Branding


This was the most challenging and the most fun I have had making an Overwatch League outfit so far. For the creation, I started with finding a cheap blazer and skirt set. This one was from Yesstyle. Since I wanted to go for the two-piece trend as well as the blazer dress trend I had to do some altering.


I wanted the blazer to arrive oversized but that made the skirt too large. I did a blind hem stitch on the skirt to make it fall to the same length as the jacket and I cut off a few inches from the sleeves so that they wouldn’t cover my hands.



For the branding, I used a Cricut Joy to cut out the logos and words on the entire outfit in iron on material. The skirt has the oversized word “SEOUL” printed down the side in iron-on vinyl and painted black in places to make the words meet the seem cleanly. The wording on the straps, belt, and tiger logo on the chest pocket was also done in this way. 



The straps going down the jacket were created in the same way that D ring belts are made. I used ¾” poly strapping and ¾” D rings to create the pieces that sit on the shoulders. The straps running up the sleeves go through the rings the same way they would on the belt so that a few inches could hang from the shoulder. I believe this adds more to the outfit than just a strap going from top to bottom.



With esports merch largely being limited to overpriced t-shirts and hoodies. I believe that altering plain clothing or clothing you already own is a perfect way to cheer for your favorite esports team and adds more spirit to the scene. This type of skirt and blazer set would likely not be sold by any esports team, but, with just a few alterations to ordinary clothing and some creativity, I was able to make my very own custom team outfit.



For more esports-inspired fashion, follow Lina on Twitter.



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