Two new skin sets are coming to League of Legends

Source: Riot Games


Two new lines of cosmetic skins are hitting the League of Legends PBE. The Ruined line will feature three skins for Draven, Karma, and Shyvana. The Shan Hai line is launching with four skins for Cho'Gath, Jhin, Nautilus, and Neeko. 


The Ruined skin line features a dark, ethereal aesthetic shared by the Ruined King, the eponymous antagonist of Riot Games' upcoming RPG. Karma's skin is adorned by a broken, floating skull, Draven has spikier axes and armor, and Shyvana looks like a sibling of the Elder Dragon. 


The Shan Hai skin line stands in stark visual contrast to the Ruined skin line, featuring firey designs and ornate augmentations. The Shan Hai skins incorporate many traditional Eastern elements into their aesthetic, and Shan Hai Cho'Gath is the first skin The Terror of the Void has received in over two years. Abilities used by champions in Shan Hai skins will see their abilities visually amplified by bursts of flame to emphasize the scorching nature of the skins. 



The seven skins are the first cosmetic additions to League of Legends that Riot Games has shown in 2021. With both the Ruined and Shan Hai skins headed to the PBE, they could all be available as of the next League of Legends patch. However, it is possible that the Shan Hai skins will be part of this year's installment of the annual Lunar Revel event.


Since its inception in 2011, the Lunar Revel event has served to unveil many new skins and coincides thematically and chronologically with Chinese New Year.  In 2021, Chinese New Year will happen on Friday, February 12, which means the Shan Hai skins may be delayed should they be a part of the event. 



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