Teamfight Tactics introduces new system changes, confirms Set 4.5 roster

Image via Riot Games


Big news was announced to the Teamfight Tactics' community on Monday morning as Riot Games officially unveiled what players can expect in the game's upcoming mid-Set expansion titled Festival of Beasts. In the post, the game's development team confirmed what had been previously leaked in regards to the new champions, traits, and origins coming to the auto chess title as well as a few leaving the pool. 


The largest piece of new information came in the form of system changes that are set to go live when the content drop goes live on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) on January 5. Feeling generous shortly after the holiday season, the game's development team shared the following:


In addition to all of this, we got one more new thing coming to TFT this time around. Because it’s the Festival of Beasts, we felt everyone deserves a present! So during the game at a certain point, every player will receive a “Lucky Lantern”. All 8 players will receive their Lucky Lantern at the same time, and the contents are the same for each player, but what’s inside is different every game. The contents can include things you’re already familiar with like Gold, Neeko’s Help, Item Components, and even Force of Natures...but there can also be some brand new things inside that are new to TFT. Let’s go over a couple of them:


- Shop Reroller - Use this on a champion and your shop will reroll once, free of charge, and only include champs of the same traits! For example, if you use this item on a Kennen, only Ninja’s and Keepers will appear in the shop! Other than that it follows the normal shop rules for things like percent chances to see each cost. And because we know you’ll ask, in the incredibly unlikely event all the champs are somehow out of the pool, then it is possible for this item to fail and just roll other champs.

- Item Remover - Use this on a champion and all the items will pop off of them and return to your bench. If you want to keep the champion you worked so hard to build up, but be able to move the items to a stronger champ, then this is the consumable for you!

- Item Reroller - Use this on a champion and not only with the items pop off a champion, but they will also reroll into a random similar item. So if you have a cloak you don’t need, use this to reroll it into a different component. It also works on full items, but that’s a REALLY risky play! (Spatulas and Spatula items can’t be rolled.)

- Training Dummy - Finally this one gives you a placeable training dummy that works kind of like the Azir Soldiers. You can place it anywhere and it has some HP to eat up some attacks. Strategic placement of these can give you a big advantage, and it doesn’t count towards your army limit. You can’t bench or sell it though.

Similar to how each game during Set 3's lifecycle had the chance to have a random galaxy associated with it, the development team is looking to bring back that vibe in Set 4 to keep each match feeling fresh and unique.

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