Everything we know about the Wild Rift competitive scene so far


The development team for Riot Games’ League of Legends: Wild Rift, a mobile version of the PC League of Legends franchise, is ramping up its efforts to foster its competitive scene. It has slowly enticed tournament organizers and esports organizations to start looking for opportunities for potential mobile growth. 


Here’s what we know about the competitive scene so far. 


Welcome to League of Legends: Wild Rift ranked mode


The competitive mode for Wild Rift will be similar to the PC version of League of Legends with slight adjustments. 


Ed “MartianSpider” Knapp, the Senior Game Designer for Riot Games, recently gave a breakdown of how Wild Rift’s competitive mode will work. 





  • Players will need to reach at least level 10 to start Wild Rift ranked mode
  • Like the PC League, there are ranks from Iron to Challenger
  • However, an Emerald rank has been included between Platinum and Diamond to “distribute the players’ skills more accurately"
  • Each tier will have four divisions, from IV (lowest) to I (highest)
  • To rank up, you need to earn a certain amount of “Marks”, and you will rank up as you have collected enough Marks for the rank
  • You gain/lose one mark per win/loss
  • At Diamond and above, Marks will change to Victory Points (VPs), which will be similar to the PC version’s League Points (LPs)
  • Below Diamond, you can gain a chance NOT to lose a mark or gain an extra mark by filling up your Ranked Fortitude
  • Ranked Fortitude points can be earned for skilled play and being a good sport.


Source: Riot Games


Wild Rift games will also feel faster, with each game finishing within 10 to 20 minutes. Players will gain ultimates at level 5, gain gold quicker, and have reduced certain features to allow games to end faster. For example, Super Minions will launch after the final tower has been destroyed in their respective lanes. 


Tournaments on the move


ESL Gaming announced its first Wild Rift tournament in Thailand and Malaysia. This move doesn’t surprise anyone as mobile games have been widely popular in Southeast Asia. The open qualifier will begin in April 2021 and compete over three months for the first title. Each of the local tournaments’ champions will represent their country in a Southeast Asia regional tournament later in the year. 


Source: ESL


Nick Vanzetti, the Senior Vice President of ESL Gaming Asia-Pacific Japan, noted that the move came as “the mobile esports market in Southeast Asia continue[d] to grow at breakneck speed.” They are taking a bet that will be the same for Wild Rift. 


In Europe, LVP (Liga de Videojuegos Profesional) launched its first showmatch this month with notable teams like Giants Gaming, Movistars Gaming, and G2 Arctic, G2 collaboration with a Spanish organization, Arctic Gaming, competing in the tournament.


Esports teams are eyeballing Wild Rift


Other esports teams have started to announce their Wild Rift rosters too. 


Nova Esports, an Asian esports powerhouse, announced an all European roster, including former Arena of Valor EU champions. Team Singularity announced an all European lineup as well. Noble and Team Secret have also placed their bets on the other side of the world, with Noble signing an India-based roster. The lineup will feature former Dota 2 champions in India and a former League of Legends player. 


Noble with an extravagant WIld Rift roster announcement


Team Secret currently has one player from the Philippines — a former League of Legends player — and seeking to announce more players soon. 


G2 Esports has hinted at a possible Wild Rift expansion with a question. However, it is still not clear if they are looking to pick up players or not at the moment. 



With a competitive mode set in stone, along with big tournament names and teams, will Wild Rift be able to compete in the mobile market? The Mobile games esports industry has been growing exponentially, with many titles already having a stronghold in the market. Riot Games will have to overcome many challenges to be a fierce competitor. 

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