[KeSPA Cup] ShowMaker voted as finals MVP: "I'm really surprised. I thought Canyon would be MVP."

▲ Source: KeSPA


On Jan. 2, in the finals of the 2020 KeSPA Cup Ulsan, DAMWON Gaming shut out Nongshim RedForce 3-0 and took the championship, proving why they were able to win the world championship in 2020. After the finals, Heo “ShowMaker” Su was voted as the MVP of the series. When he showed up to be interviewed by the casters’ desk, he appeared wearing a pair of sunglasses.



Congratulations on the championship and the MVP.


Thank you.

You were voted as the MVP of the series. What do you think you did well?


Actually, I didn’t do much today. I'm really surprised. I thought Canyon would be MVP.

Your laning was dominant and went into the opponent jungle several times. Was it planned?


Rather than saying it’s a planned strategy, I enjoy pushing the lane and pestering the opponent jungle all the time. That went quite well and things went well.

Many fans are watching. Any comments to them?


[Takes off sunglasses] Everyone, thank you for your cheering. I’ll prepare well and work hard for the spring season so that we can get good results. Thank you.

How many of those sunglasses do you have in the team house?


We only have one and we take turns using it. We’ll probably order more. [Laughs]

How are your resolutions for the upcoming spring season?


Traditionally, DAMWON Gaming wasn’t that good in the spring. This time, we’ll do well so that we can break that curse.

Are you confident?


I am. DAMWON Gaming fighting!


▲ Source: KeSPA

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