[KeSPA Cup] DAMWON Gaming sweeps Nongshim RedForce to claim the championship

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On January 2, DAMWON Gaming swept Nongshim RedForce 3-0 in the finals of the 2021 KeSPA Cup Ulsan. Although Nongshim RedForce showed good performances throughout the tournament, the current world champions were too much for them. All three games were quite one-sided as DAMWON Gaming claimed the championship.


From the beginning, DAMWON Gaming took the lead and lane priority in all lanes. They controlled all the major objectives and started to snowball. Kim "Khan" Dong-ha picked up a solo kill in the top lane as well. At the 15-minute mark, the global gold difference was already at 5K. In the following skirmishes, DAMWON Gaming continued to benefit. After collecting the dragon soul, DAMWON Gaming ended the game in 30 minutes.


The second game was in DAMWON Gaming's favor as well. Nongshim RedForce scored first through a well-planned dive in the bot lane. However, DAMWON Gaming was able to pick up the dragons quickly. At the third dragon, the two teams clashed in front of the dragon pit where DAMWON Gaming was victorious. Through this teamfight win, DAMWON Gaming started to push ahead and they destroyed Nongshim RedForce's Nexus after slaying Baron.


▲ Source: KeSPA


Nongshim RedForce attempted to make variables by picking Yasuo in the bot lane. As if they were to prove their pick, they collected the first kill in a 2v2 situation in the bot lane. Meanwhile, Han "Peanut" Wang-ho's Graves killed Khan's Rumble through a gank. However, DAMWON Gaming started to strike back. Like the previous games, they collected the dragons quickly. Again, it all came down to the fourth dragon where DAMWON Gaming won the teamfight and took the dragon's soul. After getting the Baron buff, DAMWON Gaming marched in and destroyed Nongshim RedForce's final Nexus.



2020 KeSPA Cup Ulsan Finals


DAMWON Gaming 3 : 0 Nongshim RedForce

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