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New year, new us. This Fan Art Friday, let’s explore some new looks with a collection of incredible cosplay. From armor crafters to seamstresses to some sculpted abs, we’ve got you covered. We hope you enjoy this selection and you get plenty of inspiration for the new year!



When we think of Aloy cosplay, one name comes to mind: FenixFatalist. Not only do they look the part of the post-apocalyptic scavenger, but their attention to detail and cinematic shoots are unrivaled (photo: Alexander Bootsman). In this image, the incredible cosplayer presents the character with a REAL FOX!?! It’s the perfect amount of fantasy added into the shoot, a sense of organic creatures sticking together while machines terrorize the world. 



MiciaGlo was one of the cosplayers we first discovered on DeviantArt this year, and their mix of humor (their “Top-Only Riven” gave us a good chuckle) and technically impressive cosplay brought them back into our FanArt Feature. With every shot, they reveal more impressive details of their Akali cosplay (photo:  A.Z.Production), like this rope and leatherwork. Have you ever tried to lattice leather? Woof. Additionally, we get to see a bit of makeup artistry in this shot, with the assassin’s tattoos peeking through on the shoulder and hip. 


TwinFools has been an awesome cosplayer to watch create over the year, and their Hades cosplays have been some of our favorites. In this shoot (photo: novavandorwolf), Zag looks ready to party down a bit, with some grapes and ambrosia. We love the attention to the heterochromia and the excellent wig-work that looks straight out of the SuperGiant game. 


Overwatch’s fan creations are still going strong, and this Ashe cosplay by Dzikan on DeviantArt quickly caught our eye. While there were plenty of shots in this set (including this one that looks near exact to Overwatch’s menu screen). We always appreciate when a cosplayer delivers not just a picture, but is able to tell a story. This noir-esque shoot adds a sense of intrigue to the damage-dealing deadlock gang member, elevating the incredible details that Dzikan built into their costume. The metal arm, the tattoos, the lip-liner; all on point.


In this capture, LeonChiroCosplayArt  (photo: eosAndy) has created the look of Rakan from League of Legends. A variety of fabrics and materials shine in this piece, making the piece feel more authentic to the world it’s from. Small leaves sprouting from the bracers are an excellent detail, and superior wig work (especially those sideburns) make this an incredible piece. 


Armorwork is a whole different beast, and MashasCosplay slays it in this Monster Hunter Cosplay (photo: Shattered Light). Just look at the texture on the pauldrons! The artist has dry brushed most of the Odogaron armor pieces, giving a sense of depth and wear to the plates. A nice touch is the “dead” eye, accompanied by a slashing scar. A scaled fabric beneath the armor ties the entire ensemble together, making it feel true as if it could have been created from the same beast. 


Where most Witcher cosplay finds itself in grungy, dark, and dire environments, we loved the attention to color in this cosplay shoot (photo: EVA). Cosplayer Katssby on DeviantArt bursts through some tropical foliage, sword in hard and ready for action. The turquoise background helps pop Katssby’s eyes, while a spotlight keeps half of their body in shadow; granting a three-dimensionality to the photo. 


When talking about cosplay, it’s important to also celebrate the photographers. In that field, there are none we hold in higher respect than MartinWongPhoto. Martin’s ability to bring out a spectacular range of colors, and manipulate focus always ensure that his pieces are showstoppers. In this particular piece, we’re treated to a voiceover actor cosplaying their character as Matt Mercer appears as Overwatch’s McCree. Martin’s attention to contrast allows the grime of the armor to shine through, while not pushing the rest of the piece into dangerous levels.


Pushing their cosplay past just appearing in the look, Molza’s shoot (photo: Sasha Malysheva) as Judy Alvarez from Cyberpunk 2077 is an enthralling journey. From the sunny boardwalk to dark arcades, you feel as if you’re spending the day with the character. This shot was our personal fave, capturing an insane amount of movement in a hyper-dynamic pose. While it may not be the most in-character shot of the bunch, its artistic presentation makes for a unique way to explore the details of the design.



Want more cosplay? Check out our entire collected gallery over here! Promise you’ll enjoy!

Happy new year!

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