RF Peanut: "After watching Canyon play [Graves]... I’ll probably build only Galeforce from now on."


Nongshim RedForce reached the Round of 6 in the 2020 KeSPA Cup Ulsan. They concluded the group stage with a 3-1 record, only losing to DAMWON Gaming. Especially, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho’s performances on Graves were amazing. After their games on the third day, Peanut joined Inven for an interview.



How do you feel about reaching the Round of 6?


I’m happy we won both games today. As much as the group stage is over, I think we should prepare well for the Round of 6.

What do you think the main reason was for your wins today?


If we go into the game, it wasn’t easy. I think in KeSPA Cup, team synergy is more important than individual performances. Our synergy was better than other teams’. It feels that the playmaking goes well with the bottom duo. They’re also in very good form as well.

How does the team macro run within the team?


It’s mostly Kellin and me who lead the macro. We talk a lot after games during feedback as well. We get along pretty well. Since the bot duo usually wins lane in the KeSPA Cup, it’s really helpful.

Many fans were worried about deokdam.


Since I was in the LPL, I didn’t have many thoughts about him, but as much as he has just started his career, there’s still much he could achieve. He recently hit no.1 in solo queue -- it’s sure he’s in very good form.

Nongshim RedForce’s carry was originally Rich, but he seems to have taken a step back in the KeSPA Cup.


We haven’t been aiming our macro in top lane as much. There wasn’t that much time to prepare, and it isn’t that well-organized. We just need to adapt to each other.

The main item build for Graves seems to be Galeforce. What do you think?


Depending on the situation, I built Galeforce or Immortal Shieldbow. If I play ten games, I’d buy the Shieldbow 3-4 times and Galeforce 6-7 times. But after watching Canyon play, I think Galeforce is the way to go. I’ll probably build only Galeforce from now on.

It was the first time you faced DAMWON Gaming.


They’re way too good. We thought the only way to beat them was to win objective fights. If it doesn’t work, we’d lose. As a result, we did lose, but they’re the current world champions. I just encouraged my teammates telling them not to keep it on their minds too much.

Lastly, how are your resolutions for the rest of KeSPA Cup?


I don’t think I’ve ever had a good rest during Christmas or at the end of the year. It’s a bit unfortunate that I can’t spend it with my friends and family, but as much as I have to, I’ll make it worthwhile by winning.

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